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Summary: Former child slave to the randkin and Destiny's resident tech genius.


Gender: Male

Age: Early Teens

Group: Tau'ri

Nationality/Home World





Facility with alien languages.
Considerable knowledge of technology and survival.

"Shriekers," small noise makers used to deter/distract s'kat (underground worms).
Universal Translator
No doubt more useful gadgets as the plot demands.

Physical Appearance

A teenaged boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Often wearing ratty looking clothing of his own making.

Personality and interests

Somewhat reserved due to years of isolation and enslavement by the randkin, Gil likes to keep to himself and tinker with whatever gizmo is currently fascinating him.

He has somewhat opened up thanks to joining the crew of the Destiny, whom he considers his family.


Not much is known about Gil's past before being enslaved by the randkin. He was a child when his parents were killed and during his years as a slave he found he was skilled at learning many alien languages in order to communicate with the other slave races.

He managed to escape onto a game world where he survived using his talent for making various gadgets such as his shrieker devices to keep s'kat at bay.

When the Icarus team aboard Destiny arrived on the game world Gil was living on he saved Cooper and his team from a s'kat attack and the Lieutenant soon took a liking to the boy and took him under his wing. Since then, Gil has proven to be a valued member of the crew thanks to his technical skill and facility with alien languages. He has helped repair a good portion of the Destiny as well as designed the universal translator that allows the crew to communicate with alien races.

Favourite Sayings

"Gotta take things apart to see how they work."

Player Notes

Originally another player's character, Gil quickly grew on me and became my favorite character. While I don't remember every detail about Gil exactly, I hope I recreated him well enough.

Should the player who created Gil come back, I'll disown Gil and let them reclaim him and fix up any inconsistencies I may have caused. But I honestly don't think this game would be Stargate Destiny without Gil.

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Image of Gil
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