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Summary: Skilled pilot and last of his kind.


Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: Other Alien Races

Nationality/Home World



Flight Technician


Skilled Pilot
Stealth and Espionage

Physical Appearance

Cid is a sentient rodent-like creature. He wears a pair of goggles on his head and a pair of denim-like pants.

Personality and interests

Cid is constantly spouting witty remarks, is a practical joker, and has a tendency of being a gadfly to some. He enjoys flying and fixing space ships. He's also obsessed with Destiny and it's mission, something that worries even someone like Sim.

He had developed a desire to try the Earth delicacy known as "pizza."

However, underneath his jocular and somewhat sardonic attitude is a ball of survivors guilt and sorrow as he is the last of his kind after the Randkin wiped out his entire people.


Cid was born and raised during his people's centuries-long war with the Randkin. To this day his people, despite being a race of furry rodents the size of a raccoon, are one of the few to truly give the randkin a challenge during their universal conquest.

He eventually served as a fighter pilot and spy for his people until they were eventually wiped out in their last great attempt to expel the randking from their galaxy. Cid was thrown across the universe to a game world where he spent many years surviving on his own until he came across the Destiny crew whom he reluctantly helped due to his slowly growing belief that they hold the answer to the Randkin problem.

Favourite Sayings

"Don't let the cute ears and tail fool you."

Player Notes

None at this time.

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