Relief Part 1 - "Briefing"

Dr. Katherine McClintock was giddy as the military humvee stopped in front of Cheyenne Mountain. Never, in a million years, did she think she'd be doing something so crazy. Something people only dreamed of.

"Dr. McClintock?" An airman opened the door and offered to help her out. She smiled and hopped out of the car on her own.

"Where to?" Kate asked.

"Follow me, ma'am." The airman said.

"Please, Kate." she insisted.

The airman merely nodded. "This way, Doctor."

She was led to an elevator which took her deep into the complex. When the elevator stopped she got out and found herself in a large concrete hallway. The airman continued to lead her through the maze of concrete corridors until they came to a narrow flight of stairs that led to a conference room. There, she was met with a group of officers.

A woman with blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, she was wearing a blue jumpsuit with pips indicating she was a Colonel. Her name tag read: "Carter."

Sitting next to her was an older man with white hair who looked like he was trying not to laugh given the small smirk on his face. His rank was Brigadier General. Name: O'Neill.

Next to O'Neill was a shorter man in a suit who looked like his hair was slowly receding. He had no rank or name tag, but Kate could tell he was an egg head, and a bit of a tosser at that given his first inclination was to stare at her chest before smiling at her as if nothing had happened.

"Dr. McClintock." O'Neill stood and offered his hand to her. She shook it. "Thank you for showing up!"

"The pleasure is all mine, General." Kate said with a smile. "Your friend, Woolsey, certainly knows how to sell someone on something without much knowledge to go on. I had to find out what this was all about."

"Well now that you've signed the non-disclosure agreement," Carter started. "We can finally brief you in full about the situation, and the mission you'll be taking part of."

"That being?" Kate smiled and sat down, eagerly awaiting the information.

"You may want to come over here and see for yourself." O'Neill said with a smile as he gestured to the nearby window.

Kate stood back up and went over to the window. Beyond she saw a large ring in a massive concrete room. It was unlike anything she had ever seen. "What is that???"

"We call it a Stargate." the egg head, whom Kate later found out was named McKay, said.

"Stargate?" Kate looked at him, puzzled.

"It's an alien device capable of instantaneous travel across the universe. Built by a race of humanoid aliens millions of years ago called The Ancients." Carter explained.

"How is that possible?" Kate asked, in awe of what she was being told.

"The stargate creates an artificial wormhole through subspace and converts travelers into energy where a gate on the other end reassembles them." McKay told her.

"Wormholes... subspace... aliens...sweet Jesus this is a lot to take in!" Kate exclaimed, still staring at the stargate

"You will have plenty of homework to do to get yourself filled in on everything," O'Neill promised, "Right now, we need to get to the point."

"That being?"

"We're building a team. A group of men, women, and aliens with the intention of providing aid to a group of similar... men... women... and aliens..." O'Neill shrugged. "who are stuck on a ship on the other side of the universe."

"Say what?"

The next several hours were devoted to explaining to Kate the existence of the stargates, The Ancients, and the mysterious ship known only as Destiny. A team of soldiers and scientists from across the galaxy were gathered to discover what lay behind the ninth chevron of the stargate. They established a base, called Icarus Base, to eventually dial the ninth chevron. But a group of criminals who formed in the wake of the fall of some big, overdressed, bad guys called the "goold" or some crazy thing like that, attacked Icarus just as they were dialing and the survivors forced to gate onto Destiny, which was on the other side of the universe.

Since then, Colonel Miller, who led the human side of Icarus Base, became commander of the Destiny and has been leading the other survivors in an attempt to survive on the aging and near-derelict ship. However, in the intervening year since arriving on Destiny the crew came across a foe that forced the crew to enter suspended animation and embark on a long FTL jump to avoid detection. They've been effectively lost ever since.

However, in recent years, O'Neill and other members of the SGC have been negotiating with a group of human aliens from the planet Langara, which has the unique properties to dial Destiny, to use their gate to help those trapped on the ship. After much deliberation, the Langarans have agreed to allow a single "relief package" be sent to Destiny.

Said package would provide some much needed relief personnel, supplies, and weapons to help the crew of the Destiny survive. Kate would be part of the relief personnel, her knowledge in science and technology no doubt would be valuable on Destiny, especially after she brushed up on Ancient technology. She would have a few months to prepare, as would the others who would end up joining the relief teams. And once the necessary people were gathered, they would travel to Langara to gate to Destiny.

Kate couldn't wait to get started...

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