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Children of the Ships - Part 1

John scouted the dark corners of Destiny. Even though the ship had been as safe as it could be before the crew went into stasis, who knows what had arrived since.

The beam from his torch swept into the black recesses. John had been chasing shadows for over an hour. He was sure that he had heard scuttling, something constantly running away from the light of his torch. He had yet to find anything.

But he was sure there was something there, hiding in the corners of the ships. He got closer and closer to the scuttling, the scratching of claws against the ship's metal when his radio buzzed.

'Hey, John,' came the voice, 'The gate's dialling back in, we need you up here.'

John sighed, 'I will be returning shortly.' He gave one last look into the corner of the room, so sure that he would find something before he left for the gate room.

<<OOC - Just a really short post to inject John into the story in some way. He'll be waiting on Destiny for you crazy kids to get back. I'll post a part 2, which will be a lot longer, when you guys arrive if that's cool.>>

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