A Worm In The Apple

"We shoot our way out, get to the gate, get back to Destiny." Cooper said. "I just hope my buddies found what they were looking for..."


Jonas Quinn and his half of Recon 1 hacked their way into a locked room deep inside the arena in the area normally relegated to Randkin slavers and royal guests. Inside, Jonas found a large metal pillar with glowing red lines etched into it. From the files he'd studied on Randkin tech before going on this mission, it was clearly a data conflux.

"Alright guys, let's see what we can't find in here..." He produced a kino remote which Gil had modified with a data spike for hacking. It had a subspace link to Destiny's main computer, so the hack didn't take too long. Sure enough, the kino remote was showing him mountains of data on Randkin outposts, game worlds, even fleet data. "We hit the jackpot ladies and gentlemen!" Jonas beamed with enthusiasm.


Cooper took down a few randkin with his blaster. The damn thing was a hand cannon designed by a race of gunsmiths whom the randkin had made the mistake of making enemies of. It was far more effective at downing the ludicrously tough and armored shark men than with anything the Icarus team had brought with them. Even the tok'ra and jaffa weapons they had brought had proven to only mildly annoy them. It was good that the Destiny crew had made a friend who knew of these gunsmiths, otherwise the game would've been over from the start.

He looked to Thor, "Cover me! I'm going for the cages! Evening the numbers in our favor!"

Thor nodded and Cooper bolted towards the cages where he found a number of bizarre aliens inside, all of whom were eager to bring the randkin some pain. He shot off the locks to their cages and freed them. The aliens got to work gathering what weapons were strewn about from the fight and entered the fray.

"Lieutenant? It's Jonas, we got the data on the randkin. We're headed back to the gate."

"Copy that, Jonas. We'll join you at the pass to the ship graveyard." Cooper told him.

Suddenly the ground beneath them began to rumble. Cooper knew instantly what was about to happen but before he could announce it an enormous underground worm with chitinous armor plating on its back burst from the ground, clamped down on one of the alien slaves, and proceeded to drag it under the dirt.

"S'kat!" Cooper shouted. He sought come sort of higher ground to avoid the new threat and found a scaffolding and proceeded to race towards it as a large lump in the earth began to follow him...


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