Not Good?

He looked to Thor, "Cover me! I'm going for the cages! Evening the numbers in our favor!"

Thor nodded and Cooper bolted towards the cages where he found a number of bizarre aliens inside, all of whom were eager to bring the randkin some pain. He shot off the locks to their cages and freed them. The aliens got to work gathering what weapons were strewn about from the fight and entered the fray.

"Lieutenant? It's Jonas, we got the data on the randkin. We're headed back to the gate."

"Copy that, Jonas. We'll join you at the pass to the ship graveyard." Cooper told him.

Thor used his hammer to smash open cages and blast Randkin. The plasma blast from his hammer easily burnt a hole in the Randkin and either killed them or wounded them badly. Unlike the Jaffa staff, his Asgard made hammer was on a more advanced level. Sadly since he was the only Synthoid around the odds in this battle were against him. Thor was actually enjoying the battle as it had been a while since his last one. Hunting the wild life was far to easy for him and he was made to fight the enemies of Asgard and as far as he was concerned the Randkin were definitely enemies.

Suddenly the ground beneath them began to rumble.

Thor was confused by the shaking of the ground as he staggered to regain his balance. Then he saw the earth cracking and moving towards him as he muttered.

Thor's: By Odin's Spear......Not good.

Thor jumped to the side and rolled before the crack came his way.

Cooper knew instantly what was about to happen but before he could announce it an enormous underground worm with chitinous armor plating on its back burst from the ground, clamped down on one of the alien slaves, and proceeded to drag it under the dirt.

"S'kat!" Cooper shouted. He sought come sort of higher ground to avoid the new threat and found a scaffolding and proceeded to race towards it as a large lump in the earth began to follow him...

The screams of the alien being eaten were gut wrenching for as Thor ran after Cooper since he was his ride off the planet.

Thor: Not good! Not Good. I hope they have a good plan for escape?

Thor then shot off a few plasma blasts from his hammer at the ground to lure the beast in a different direction to confuse it a bit.


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