Cooper sighed with relief and rummaged through his vest pockets until he found what he was looking for. A small spherical device with a red button. Gil's shriekers were designed to distract s'kat so people could navigate across infested ground. Cooper pressed the button and the device began to emit a high pitched whine which grew in intensity. Then Cooper threw the shrieker across the courtyard near a spot where a couple of shark heads were hiding.

A swarm of s'kat erupted from the earth and began to tear apart the randkin soldiers. Cooper shouted to Thor to follow him as he made a break for the distant, rocky hills.

Thor was curious as Cooper pulled out his device and tossed it. he had no idea what it was or why he even threw in in the first place till of course the s'kat chased it and ate the Rankin in the area. However before he could talk about it jokingly Cooper told him to quickly follow him. Thor was in no position to argue with his ride off the planet and he didn't know where the other enemies were so he willingly followed.


Jonas and his half of Recon 1 were waiting for Cooper and his team at the rendezvous point situated in the middle of a narrow rocky passage. When the team saw the muscle-bound offspring of a pirate and an angel behind Cooper the team raised their weapons in surprise.

"He's cool! Don't worry!" Cooper exclaimed. "Thor, this is my team. Guys, meet Thor."

Jonas frowned. "Thor? You're a lot bigger than I remember."

"It's a long story." Cooper said with a sigh. "Let's get the hell out of here."

Thor was also a bit confused as he saw Jonas's expression. Then he realized Jonas must have been referring to the original Thor whom he was to serve. Sadly that day never came and the synthoid project was put on hold.


Soon the Destiny's Stargate was spinning and the team, plus the newcomer Thor, arrived. Miller was standing in the middle of the gate room and was relieved to see her people had returned safely.

"Get the data?" she asked.

"Mission accomplished, Colonel." Cooper said with a big smile.

Up on the railing on the second floor of the gate room was a small, blue, rodent. This was Cid and he regarded Thor with a wary eye.

"Who's the new muscle? Another stray?" Cid asked.

"This is... uh... Thor..." Cooper said sheepishly as he introduced the man to Miller.

"As in Thor of Asgard?" Miller frowned. "Last Thor we knew was a bit smaller than you." She offered the Asgardian her hand. "Nice to meet you, regardless. I'm Colonel Miller, commander of the Destiny."

Thor shook Miller's hand as he smiled at her.

Thor: A pleasure my lady Miller. I apologize for thy lack of manners. Tis been a while since thy have been in the presence of charming terrans.

Thor gave her a small bow and a smile that most women found charming. Granted he was not flirting with Miller, but it did come natural since he was made that way by Fenir. Then he saw others approaching him and smiled at them to be polite. he was nervous since it had been a long time since he saw terrans, much less attractive females.

Gil arrived in the gate room and nodded to Cooper with a smile. Kate wasn't too far behind him.

"Come on, let's get that bloody data uploaded so we know where we stand." Kate said impatiently. However she paused when she saw Thor and she got a little flustered. "I... uh... hello... Dr. Katherine McClintock..." She visibly blushed. Causing Gil to roll his eyes and make an offensive gesture to Cooper who merely chuckled.

Thor: Greetings my lady McClintock.

Thor nodded and kissed her hand as he greeted her. He could easily tell she would be easy to converse with as her emotions gave her thoughts away. Unlike the women of his past she was far more attractive and smelled a lot nicer. Bathing was not to popular with the locals he lived with and it was pointless for them after being taken by the Goa'uld.

Thor: Tis a pleasure to see such warm and friendly faces.

"Colonel?" The voice of Adam Brody sounded from Miller's radio. "We're ready to switch back to the cloak."

"Go ahead, Brody." Miller said.

"So the cloak worked?" Cooper asked.

"Like a charm." Gil sighed with relief. "Which is great. Now we can use the gate again."

"Yeah but this hide-jump-hide tactic will get old pretty fast." Cooper said. "We need to be able to fight back against the Randkin. Not just be able to hide from them."

"Let's look at the fleet data and see what we can do." Miller suggested. "With that and the repair work that Dr. McClintock and the other members of the relief team will be conducting I'm sure we'll finally have an edge against the randkin."

Thor waved bye as McClintlock left to her duties.

Thor: Nice to meet you.

Thor clipped his hammer to his belt as he watched quietly as the crew of aliens and terrans worked together. He smirked as he had never seen such a sight. Granted his perspective was distorted to his environment, but he did like the future it granted. He then walked to look out a large window as he collected his thoughts while looking at the stars. He was saddened but not surprised to hear his creators, the Asgard, were no more. Fenir did mention to him once he was being made to fill in for the lack of Asgard personnel. Thor's future job at the time was to protect the populace of a assigned planet as an avatar of Thor. Synthoid Thor was made in the viking image of the holograms placed on the other worlds.

However he had no idea how many others like him were made and after communication was cut off he worried he was on his own. After the centuries went by and the Goa'uld took the people he fell into despair and homemade alcohol. To make it worse he was the last of his kind to the best of his knowledge and it meant a lonely future for him. He hoped he could make a future with the terrans on this ship as he had nowhere left to go. He was now a 1000 years old and very ignorant of current events as he stared at the stars. He then looked around hoping to find some answers to his questions Since he had Asgard cybernetics in his body he hoped he could merge with similar technology to learn about his fallen Masters. So Thor took a deep breath and began looking for Cooper or the McClintock female in hopes to get some answers on who could help him.


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