Children of the Ships - Part 2

John watched as the newcomers filed in through Destiny's Stargate. He stood at the back of the gate room, behind one of the gate's consoles. With staff in hand, he scanned the party for anything wrong.

And there it was. A man. Thor.

'Good tidings, tattooed man,' Thor said loudly as he caught John's eye, 'I have yet to have the pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Thor.'

John looked the towering man up and down. He remained silent.

'Perhaps you have not seen these translators? They are called Kino Remotes,' said Thor hopefully, his grin splitting his face.

'John,' was all that was said before John turned his back and walked out of the gate room.


'Lieutenant Cooper?' asked John as he stood to attention beside the Lieutenant in the mess hall. 'Might we have a word?'

'John, isn't it?

'Indeed,' said John as he took a seat across from Cooper.

Amid the flurry of conversations that whipped around the room as the crew were issued their rations, John leaned in closer to Cooper to whisper.

'Why do we have an Asgard robot on board?' said John quietly.

'Don't say Asgard like it's a dirty word, John,' said Cooper dismissively, barely looking up from the plate of rehydrated food.

'Why should we trust him?' asked John, 'Do you even believe his story?'

'I really don't know enough about Asgard technology to say,' admitted Cooper, 'But I doubt we would be here if Thor hadn't helped us.'

'Lieutenant Cooper,' buzzed the radio strapped to Cooper's belt, 'We've got a situation!'

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