"We just found him here." Brody said.

"It's one of the Langarans." Jonas confirmed. "I knew him, Bartrand Poll."

"How'd he die?" Miller asked.

"Looks like he's been stabbed." Jonas said.

"Damn..." Cooper frowned and looked to Miller. "This isn't good."

"Who'd want this guy dead?" Volker asked.

"All I know is that we've got hundreds of new and strange people on board from across the Milky Way..." Miller started.

"You don't think...?" Cooper looked at her in shock.

"We've got a spy on board..." Miller said coldly.

Thor followed Cooper and John as he listened to their conversation as he looked over their shoulders at the crime scene. He wondered what could have led to the fight that caused a man to die. He wondered what laws and rules the Terrans went by since he was an outsider to them. He wanted to say something but he lacked common knowledge of their culture and he was trapped on a planet for several centuries. Granted he was fluent on Asgard culture, laws, technology, and some science, he had a lot to learn about other alien races. These terrans were not like the ones he lived with long ago.

Thor: I am sorry but I know not what methods thy would take to deal with such matters. Seeing as he was killed by a knife, it does make it hard to find his killer. I would gladly help, but I know not what to do.


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