On The Hunt

"Who the hell did the screening for the relief teams?" Miller asked General Jack O'Neill. She was currently in the body of a young airman, via the communication stones. The girl had the bust of an adult film actress, something that Miller initially didn't think much of, but the damn things kept getting in her way. Despite this, she was furious, and it was clear that O'Neill was as well.

"We're going through the dossiers now, Colonel." O'Neill said. "But that's over a hundred people. It's going to take time."

"All the while we have a Lucian Alliance spy in our midst." Miller sighed in frustration. Jesus these sweater puppies were annoying, no wonder guys were so obsessed with them.

"What else can we do?" O'Neill remarked with a cocked eyebrow. "You guys are on your own for this. We'll help as best we can. But we've got our own problems to deal with."

"I hear the wraith in Pegasus are stirring up trouble again." Miller said. She knew Colonel Sheppard, more than a few members of Destiny had been expedition members to Atlantis back in the day, so she knew the threat the wraith posed. The SGC was being stretched thin at the moment.

"My suggestion is to separate much of the relief crew as you can. The Langarran and non-Earth folk are likely good suspects." O'Neill said.

"We've got as many of the non-Earth personnel locked in their quarters until we can figure out who's the mole." Miller said. "However, having distrust among allies isn't good. We need to live together on that ship."

"Reminds me of this one time we had Jaffa and Tok'ra trying to work together to catch an assassin. I don't envy you, Miller." O'Neill said with a look of fond nostalgia.

"With that said, General, I should get back. My crew needs me." Miller turned to leave.


"I hate having so many of my people being put under scrutiny." Jonas sighed in frustration as he poured over the hours of Kino footage that had been stored up in the ship's database. It was Cooper's hope that maybe they would catch the killer on camera and be done with this as quickly as possible. However, dozens of kinos had been sent to wander about the ship. Some for exploration of Destiny, others security, and some owned by people who liked using them for personal use. So there was a lot of footage to go over.

"We've already ruled out quite a few people." Cooper said. "And I'm sure your people understand the gravity of our situation."

"And yet all of us were screened by the SGC before even being trained to go on this mission. That means whoever this spy is, they managed to fool some of the best people Earth has." Jonas pointed out.

"That's a scary thought." Cooper said.

"Very scary." Jonas said. Then he shook his head. "I doubt we'll find something in this footage."

"It's still worth looking into just in case." Cooper said.

Jonas frowned. "Something still bothers me about this."

"That being?"

"Why kill someone if you're wanting to keep a low profile on board the ship?"

"You think that the spy was discovered?" Cooper asked.

"Only thing that makes sense." Jonas said. "But now that they know we know, they're going to be even more dangerous..."

A chill went down bother men's spines.


Gil and Cid stood in the apple core room (otherwise known as the Auxiliary Control Room) and were watching something the relief team brought with them called a "movie." This one was about an obese man who uses a magic serum to make himself skinny, at the cost of his sense of honor. Though neither Gil nor Cid understood where nuts came into it. So far the fat man hadn't eaten any.

However, they were interrupted by one of the consoles blaring an alarm. When Gil went to investigate his eyes widened in shock. "The life support for the mess hall has been shut off!" He reached for his radio. "Cooper! Get down to the mess hall, bring some of that C4! I think the spy has locked several people inside the mess hall and is venting the atmosphere!"


Cooper hailed all the channels on his radio. "Demolition team to the mess hall! Thor! You and your muscles might be needed! Gil, Brody, Volker, find out what console that bastard is using!" He looked to Jonas. "Get a team ready to hit him."

Jonas nodded and bolted out of the room. Cooper hurried to the mess hall and made sure his sidearm was strapped to his leg. The spy was making a move, but what that move was was currently a mystery. For all Cooper knew, the mess hall was a red herring...

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