Bad To Worse

"The life support for the mess hall has been shut off!" Cooper hailed all the channels on his radio. "Demolition team to the mess hall! Thor! You and your muscles might be needed! Gil, Brody, Volker, find out what console that bastard is using!" He looked to Jonas. "Get a team ready to hit him."

Jonas nodded and bolted out of the room. Cooper hurried to the mess hall and made sure his sidearm was strapped to his leg. The spy was making a move, but what that move was was currently a mystery. For all Cooper knew, the mess hall was a red herring...

Thor quickly rushed to meet the humans at the Mess Hall. He raced by a few personnel who were scrambling to attend their posts, which also included the Mess Hall.

Smith: Where are you going?

Thor: Cooper requested thy aid at the Mess Hall.

Smith: I guess he wants you to force it open.

Thor: Sounds likely.

Eventually they arrived at the Mess Hall which was sealed shut as some techs were failing to open it with their high tech tools.

Hightower: It's not opening and they are dying in there.

Smith: Did you try to reverse the polarity of the emitter array?

Thor: Stand aside human.

Thor took a deep breath and wedged his fingers into the seal crack and began to pull with all his strength.

Hightower: You are wasting your time! That door is hermetically sealed and there is no way you are strong enough too.......

Just then Thor popped the seal opened a good six inches to let air into the Mess Hall.

Hightower: How in the ...........

Smith: He is an Asgard version of the Jaffa.

Hightower: Even so that door.

Thor groaned as he propped a leg up and powered the door open for a rescue team to retrieve the passed out crew in the Mess Hall.

Thor: Banter later! Help NOW!

Smith: Oh SNAP!! Quick get the crew!!

Several crew rushed in with their stretchers and quickly began pulling out the injured crewmen. Thor groaned in pain as he held the door open for the others to go in and out as they pulled out the injured while the air exchanged was bad in the Mess Hall.

By the time Cooper and Jonas arrived they were halfway done rescuing the passed out crew members.


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