"Good work, Thor." Cooper said with a sigh of relief. He gave the musclebound Asgardian a firm pat on the shoulder for his good work, then immediately regretted it as it was like slapping a brick wall.

"These people should be okay," Jonas said. "They're just a little winded."

Cooper frowned and consulted his radio. "Gil, you up at the bridge yet? Tell me you know where the command for the venting came from."

"Just got here," Gil replied. "Searching now."

"It was a console near cargo bay four." Orland Sim suddenly replied. "I've locked it down, but I doubt the saboteur is there now."

On the bridge, Gil, Sim, Brody, and Volker were madly working at various consoles to find the saboteur. Gil nodded and pressed a few buttons. "I've locked the doors surrounding the section the console was in. We may have been able to..."

A new alarm blared from their consoles.

"Oh no. This isn't good!" Brody exclaimed.

"What's happening?" Cooper asked.

"Another console just came online." Gil explained. "Unauthorized access. It's... in the engine room now."

"No way this guy is that fast." Jonas said. "He must be hacking the consoles remotely to throw us off."

"Cooper!" Gil exclaimed. "We've got a serious problem! The saboteur is trying to vent more sections!"

"Which ones?" Cooper asked.

"The entire section we quarantined the non-earth personnel from the relief crew in..."

"You guys do everything you can to keep him from doing that! And find where this bastard is hacking the ship from!" Cooper shouted. He looked to Thor. "You're with me, big guy. Jonas get to the bridge, they may need you."

"Cooper, sit-rep?" Col. Miller sounded over comms.

"Whoever's doing this is hacking the ship remotely, trying to kill everyone we cordoned off." Cooper told her.

"I want teams sweeping through the ship," Miller started barking orders, "all crew members head to their quarters, anyone caught outside of their quarters will be treated as hostile."

"Colonel," Sim spoke up, "Permission to use the neuro-interface chair."

"Why?" Miller asked.

"I believe directly interfacing with Destiny may be the only way to prevent this hacker from killing all those people. My brain is uniquely adapted to handle the flow of data, I believe I can safely connect..."

"Do it," Miller said before Sim could finish.

"Yes, ma'am."

Sim met Cooper and the others in the chair room. Sim nodded to them all to reassure them that he knew what he was doing. Though he really didn't. Though the vision of his dead sister, Petra, who was draped behind the chair and gesturing for him to take a seat, seemed to believe it was the right thing to do.

When Sim sat down, the chair clamped down on him and the neural bores pressed into his temples. There was a sudden jolt like lightning going through his body and he was suddenly alone in the chair room. With the exception of his sister who gently caressed his cheek and smiled.

"What's this?" Sim asked.

"A simulation. Best way to interface this way." Petra said with a warm smile.

"I need to stop this person. How do I do that?" Sim asked.

"I'll show you..." Petra whispered in his ear.

Suddenly he was transported to an empty control room. Despite never having visited this section he knew exactly where in the ship it was. In front of him was the faint, ghostly, image of a person standing at the nearby console. Petra suddenly was standing next to Sim and looked at him.

"He's here." She told him. "You interact with this console your command line will supersede his. Save the crew."

"Who is he?" Sim asked as he went over to the console, stepping through the ghostly image as he did so.

"I don't know. I haven't had time to get to know the new crew."

"What do you mean?" Sim frowned and looked at his sister.

"You know." Petra said.

"You're the ship."

"Just an extension, a fragment, meant to help. Your mind is the one I know the best." Petra told him.

"So I'm not crazy."

"No more than the rest of them." Petra smiled.

"But you're not my sister." Sim continued to type commands into the console.

"I'm your memory of her."

"I guess I should say thank you for letting me see her again." Sim sighed. "I..."

"I know. No doubt she misses you too."


"O2 has stopped dropping," Gil announced, "Whatever Sim's doing is working. I just got a ping from one of the consoles as well. It's an unexplored section. My guess he's found our stowaway."

"Location?" Cooper asked.

"I can put it on the kino remote. Get down there as soon as you can!" Gil said.

Cooper produced his sidearm and started running down the corridor. "Come on," he said to Thor and the others, "Let's take this sucker down!"

Using the kino remote to navigate through the labyrinthine corridors of the ship, Cooper, Thor, and a few others reached a locked door. No doubt where the saboteur was hiding out.

"Thor, mind getting that door open?" Cooper asked.

However, before the Asgardian could begin to wedge the door open a voice emanated from a nearby wall. It was Katherine McClintock.

"I strongly suggest you not do that, Mr. Muscles." She said.

Cooper scanned the wall and found a kino wedged in some bronze-colored machinery. "Dr. McClintock?"

"Open that door and the C4 I rigged to it will detonate and kill you all. And expose myself to vacuum." She said.

"You're the saboteur???" Cooper exclaimed. "How is that possible???"

"You were screened by the SGC," Jonas said.

"Dr. McClintock was screened by the SGC," Katherine said, "And deemed safe by the best of the best the people of Earth had to offer. For all intents and purposes, your security measures were fool-proof. With one exception..." Through the port hole on the door the group could see Katherine approach, she pulled something from her pocket and placed it on the port hole for everyone to see.

It was an Ancient communication stone.

"You see, the Tau'ri aren't the only ones who have access to The Ancient's communications stones. For some time the Lucian Alliance has had a set of their own. With the intention of slipping aboard Destiny to gather intelligence and prepare for their arrival."

"Why did you kill Bartrand Poll?" Jonas asked. "It only alerted us to your presence."

"We didn't anticipate a certain... unexpected glitch in the stones..." The person in Katherine's body explained.

"FTL jumps cause the minds of both people to revert for a moment," Cooper said.

"So when we jumped you were with Poll, the real Katherine tried to warn him, but you returned and killed him so you wouldn't be exposed." Jonas concluded.

"Right." "Katherine" said. "Now we're at an impasse. I have no intention of being seized by your people. Enter this section and die, along with me, and no doubt killing the real McClintock on the other side."

"Forget it, you're coming out. This game is over, whoever you are." Cooper said.

"My name is Sera, I'm a Lieutenant in the Alliance. For all it's worth. It won't matter. Once I've bypassed whatever interference you've established I will proceed to kill you all..."

Cooper frowned and radioed Gil. "Can she do that?"

"It's up to Sim at this point," Gil said. "I have no clue if he can hold out linked to the chair for so long..."

"Tick tock..." Sera said with a snide grin. "Tick... tock..."


"Sim, you must disengage." Petra said. "Your brain may be able to process the information but extended time in the chair will only cause further damage."

"I'm not leaving until I shut this saboteur down." Sim said, though he could already feel his mind straining.

"You will die, Sim! Don't! The others will figure out a plan!" Petra insisted.

"But right now I'm the only one standing between the crew that's about to be suffocated and the hacker. I'm not going anywhere!"


Cooper frowned and tried to think of something. There had to be a way to get to this Sera person... Some way around her defenses...

"Around..." Cooper nodded. "I think I know what we can do." He started to run back down the corridor. "Volker! Brody! Get the space suits out of storage! We're going on a space walk!"

The Ancient space suits on Destiny were one of the more impressive pieces of technology that the crew had uncovered. Though a bit bulky, the suits were capable of full 3D movement in the vacuum of space thanks to an array of thrusters found in the boots and shoulders of the suit. A collapsible helmet formed around the wearer and provided an airtight seal against hard vacuum and other hazardous environments. Not unlike Goa'uld helmets, which were no doubt adapted from similar ancient technology. Better yet, the suits had a more primitive version of the sarcophagus technology which allowed the suit to repair itself and its user when damaged.

"So we found a breach in the hull that's in the section where Dr. McClint..." Jonas paused and corrected himself, "I mean Sera is located."

"Good." Cooper said as he slipped into one of the three available suits. "Thor and I will EVA over to the breach and hopefully catch this Alliance bitch with her pants down." He looked to Thor "You ready big guy?"


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