Plan B?

Cooper frowned and tried to think of something. There had to be a way to get to this Sera person... Some way around her defenses...

"Around..." Cooper nodded. "I think I know what we can do." He started to run back down the corridor. "Volker! Brody! Get the space suits out of storage! We're going on a space walk!"

The Ancient space suits on Destiny were one of the more impressive pieces of technology that the crew had uncovered. Though a bit bulky, the suits were capable of full 3D movement in the vacuum of space thanks to an array of thrusters found in the boots and shoulders of the suit. A collapsible helmet formed around the wearer and provided an airtight seal against hard vacuum and other hazardous environments. Not unlike Goa'uld helmets, which were no doubt adapted from similar ancient technology. Better yet, the suits had a more primitive version of the sarcophagus technology which allowed the suit to repair itself and its user when damaged.

"So we found a breach in the hull that's in the section where Dr. McClint..." Jonas paused and corrected himself, "I mean Sera is located."

"Good." Cooper said as he slipped into one of the three available suits. "Thor and I will EVA over to the breach and hopefully catch this Alliance bitch with her pants down." He looked to Thor "You ready big guy?"

Thor nodded at Cooper.

Thor: Aye. We will end this madness.

He had been silent as he was taking in the situation and began to put the puzzle together. It irked him that the Lucian named Sera would use Kathrine as a hostage and take such measures to killing them all. He needed to defeat Sera without hurting Kathrine and he hoped Cooper had a good plan since the one he had was very dangerous. After they left the airlock and made their way across the hull of the ship, Thor followed Cooper. Granted the view was incredible and breathtaking, Thor and Cooper didn't have the time to enjoy it. Eventually they arrived at the area where Sera was holing up at. Seeing as they had a few choice and little time Thor spoke up.

Thor: What now Cooper?


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