Stealth, Recon, and Rebellion

The Destiny was uncomfortably silent after the gate shut off. Miller was up on the bridge with Kate and Orland Sim as well as some of the new relief crew who were being introduced to the Destiny's controls.

"No no no! That button is for propulsion, that button brings up the weapons control systems!" Sim said to a hapless looking tech.

"Sorry, sir." The tech said as he made a mental note of the layout of the console.

Sim wasn't a people person. Being stuck on the ship alone would do that to you, then having a neuro-interface chair drill holes in your skull couldn't have helped matters either. It was obvious that Sim was having a difficult time adjusting to the new crew on board.

"Sim play nice with our new friends, okay?" Miller asked.

"Fine fine. But if these... these MONKEYS end up firing off the main weapon by mistake don't blame me!" Sim's eye was twitching. Miller wondered if the new medical supplies they had been given cam with powerful tranquilizers. Miller looked to Kate. "Any sign of the randkin?"

"No activity at the..." Kate's console began to beep. "Wait we have some strange energy disturbance dead ahead."

"Radiation from an Outreach pulse." Miller told her. "That's the Randkin's version of FTL. Not a hyperspace window, but something similar."

"I've got three ships on the scope." Kate said.

"Randkin cruisers." Sim added. "They're scanning."

"The cloak is up. Let's hope it works..."


Like most game worlds run by the randkin, the planet Cooper, Jonas, and the rest of the team had found themselves on was a semi-barren wasteland peppered with the wrecks of ancient starships. Metallic ribs jutted out of the ground like ancient creatures from bygone eras.

Two suns hung over their heads, beating down on them relentlessly. Cooper produced his Truvian pistol, an alien kinetic weapon that proved far more effective at stopping randkin than his P90, and motioned for the team to follow him through the maze of derelicts.

Jonas pulled out an Atlantean life signs detector, courtesy of Atlantis of course, and scanned the area. Much to his surprise, there were quite a few life signs in the area around them. "I've got quite a few blips on here, Lieutenant."

"These places crawl with critters and people looking to jump us and eat or steal from us." He listened and head something skittering in one of the nearby wrecks. "Stay frosty."

"You guys said the randkin could detect subspace events when we dial the stargate," Jonas started, "So does that mean they'll come down here to investigate?"

"No doubt." Cooper said bluntly.

"Oh." Jonas tilted his head and shrugged. "Okay, so what do we do when they get here?"

"We're stuck down here for seven hours." Cooper said. "We lie low. Try not to engage them."

"And if we have to?"

Cooper slid back the slide of his pistol. "Kill them all before they kill us."


The randkin ships didn't take too long before jumping away, satisfied that they hadn't found anything. Miller and the rest on the bridge sighed with relief.

"It worked." Kate smiled.

"Finally," Miller nodded. "We have an edge against them..." She was sitting in the captain's chair on the bridge and pressed the intercom button to speak to the rest of the ship. "The randkin have jumped away, resume your duties."

"Can we contact the team on the planet?" Kate asked.

"We can't dial the gate to contact them." A tech pointed out.

"No worries," Miller said, "We already have a solution for that."

In one of the smaller cargo bays that had been converted into a work area of sorts, a teenaged boy with messy blonde hair and dressed in what looked like rags made of old space suits was working on some tech placed on a nearby table. This was Gil.

Gil had been found as a boy on one of the randkin game worlds. For years he'd been surviving on a world filled with some of the most hostile creatures in the universe, and he had managed to survive thanks to a facility with alien languages and an aptitude for technology. Where exactly he came from was a mystery. Though it was most likely that the randkin had kidnapped the ship he and his parents had been on and dragged them to this galaxy when he was a young boy. Since joining Destiny, he had saved the ship more than a few times.

"This is your tech expert?" Kate balked.

"Hey Gil," Miller put her hand on the boy's shoulder. "How's it going?"

"Good." Gil turned and nodded at them all. "I mean it's better than we've been doing. A whole lot better. Plus the relief team brought some cool stuff for me to pick apart and study."

"You know those things are meant to help repair the ship, right?" Kate frowned. "He knows that, right?"

"I do. I'm going to make them better." Gil smirked.

"Colonel I won't have a brat pulling apart all the gear we brought with us!" Kate argued.

"It's not up for discussion. Gil has earned his keep here." Miller said sternly. "You will treat him like any other member of this crew. Understood."

Kate looked at the boy and grimaced. "Fine."

"So what do you need, Colonel?" Gil asked.

"We need long range comms back up, figured you could show Dr. McClintock and the other newcomers here the array and your patches to get it working."

Gil hopped off of his chair and saluted her. "Aye aye." He looked to Kate. "This way, Doctor."

Kate had a deep frown on her face now, she wasn't too enthusiastic about this boy and his "patches." Still, when Miller glared at her she followed the boy down the corridor to the communications array.


The team had come to a stop underneath a hollowed out starship and was preparing to decide where to go when Cooper's kino remote erupted with chatter.

"Coop? You there?" The voice of Gil sounded from the remote.

"Hey hey!" Cooper chuckled. "You're up! Sorry I didn't come to see you but things got busy. Glad to see you got long range comms back up."

"It was a cinch," Gil said. "The array just needed a few new parts. The newbies brought along these... what'd you call em?" There was a faint voice in the background. "Ah, control crystals, Dr. McClitook calls them."

"That's McClintock! You prepubescent little shit!"

"Sounds like you're getting along with the new folks pretty well," Cooper stiffled a chuckle.

"Cooper," Miller finally spoke up. "Chat later. What's the situation?"

"Just like what the kino showed us on the preliminary go around. Typical death world full of god-knows-what. There's a structure a few clicks from the gate, looks like an arena. We're gonna scope it out."

"Fine, be careful. Miller out."

Cooper slipped the kino remote back into his pocket and ordered the team to head out. The arena was quite a hike from the gate, but soon enough the team reached another derelict perched on a ridge that would provide them with a decent enough vantage point to study the area.

Cooper flew the kino over the arena. Sure enough, a ton of aliens were enjoying a gladiatorial battle. There was a big blue alien fighting a smaller creature, Cooper had to zoom in to see the fight.

The big blue alien was armed with a trident and some kind of slime net. Thor was a bit rusty at combat and a bit under the weather so he was not in the mood to fight this mean looking alien.

"Um..." Cooper motioned for Jonas to see what he was seeing. "I think that's a human...

Thor: Seriously folks? Why am I here? I insist on talking to someone in charge.

Suddenly the blue alien howled loudly and charged at Thor like a mad man. Thor looked at the alien yell as he was heading right for Thor. Before he realized it the blue alien tried to run Thor through with his trident. The three prongs then pierced the shield above Thor's arm and missed his face. This was a big wake up call for Thor as he panicked and swung his big heavy hammer into the side of the blue alien. This sent the blue alien flying sideways before he rolled several ties in the orange dirt floor.

"I don't think that's a human..." Jonas said.

Thor: Sorry about that. Ya may wish to stand down.

The blue alien howled at Thor and tried to attack with his trident again, only this time he swung his hammer upwards into the blue aliens crotch and sent him flying into the air. The big blue alien flailed as he was lifted a good 20 feet in the air before falling down hard to the dirt ground. Thor made a wince as he heard the blue alien break a bone hook on his back from the landing.

Thor: Just stay down.

"Definitely not human," Cooper added. "But I feel we, maybe, should look into busting this guy out. Dude certainly can handle himself."

"We sure that's wise?" Jonas asked.

"If he's here," Cooper explained, "Then he's been enslaved by the randkin."

The door behind Thor opened up and the Randkin were waiting for him with firearms. Seeing as he had no choice, Thor dropped his shield and was escorted back to his cell to sit and wait for his next fight.

"See?" Cooper added upon seeing what had happened. "So I bet he'd be happy to have us bust him out."

"What about the seven hour wait?" Jonas asked. "If we go in there we'll blow our cover and have to fight it out for six hours!"

"We'll wait until Destiny sends the all clear. We'll have eight hours on the clock until Destiny jumps into FTL by then. Once that happens, we go in, hopefully under the cover of night, and bust the big blonde Viking dude out. Maybe open a few more cages, start another rebellion on a game world. Randkin will be pissed, and I will be happy."

"I guess it's better than getting eaten by sand worms." Jonas muttered...

"So it's settled..."

Thankfully, it appeared that the days on this planet were short. Soon it was night and by the time Destiny had finished its jump into FTL and Gil called them to notify them of it, the team had surveyed the arena and surrounding slave cages with the kino.

Cooper smiled. "Time to kick the randkin in the meevongs..."

The team broke up into groups of three. Cooper led the first, while Jonas led the second, and the third was made up of red shirts who would undoubtably meet a terrible end before the mission even really got started. Cooper and the Icarus crew members had enough experience sneaking through randkin compounds that they made it look easy. Jonas was reminded of the times he and SG-1 had infiltrated goa'uld motherships and camps, and again it put a nostalgic smile on his face despite the danger.

It didn't take long for Cooper and his group to find the kennels the randkin put their fighters. The myriad of aliens were beginning to chatter about them as they slowly began to unlock the cell doors. Cooper speaking to them and saying to keep quiet and head for the stargate, or rather the Ring of Omnulus as the randkin had come to call it.

He was able to speak their myriad of languages thanks to Gil's version of a universal translator, which used the brain wave manipulation capabilities of the Destiny in conjunction with the kino remote to act as a translator.

So when Cooper got to Thor it was as if he was speaking in perfect Asgardian. Cooper said: "Hey there Slab Rockfist, need help busting out?"

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