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Summary: A Jedi Knight Master general of a Clone Legion.

General Kato Jedi Master (NPC)

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Gender: Mail

Age: 40

Group: Jedi




Jedi Master


Jedi Master

Physical Appearance

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Personality and Interests

Kato is your typical no-nonsense Jedi master. He tends to be strict when it comes to regulation and rules. However, he still has fun and be silly from time to time. Had is very intelligent and is very good at strategy.


Kato had the same upbringing as any other force, sensitive child. He was given to the Jedi at a young age and trained as a Jedi his entire life. When war broke out, however, he was one of the first to adapt and was quickly give a training command.

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Image of General Kato Jedi Master (NPC)
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