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Summary: A Jedi Knight and young general of a Clone Legion.

Ava Valorum

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Jedi


Ava is a human born on Coruscant and a member of House Valorum, a politically powerful and wealthy family. She is a niece to Finis Valorum, ex-Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and a brother to Senator Elrik Valorum.


- General of the 76th Legion
- Mediocre skills with a lightsaber. She is better at blocking lasers than dueling.
- Average command of the force. Force skills include basic telekinesis and foresight.
- Moderately effective strategist and tactician.


Jedi Knight, General of the 76th Legion.

Physical Appearance

About 5' 9" tall, Ava is moderately slender but obviously quite fit, as is to be expected of a Jedi. She has long, straight black hair and green eyes. She has a green lightsaber and generally likes wearing the color green.

Personality and Interests

Ava is a dedicated follower of the Jedi Order who firmly believes in most of the Order's tenets. She is more introverted than most of the members of her family but less introverted than most Jedi. She generally prefers one-on-one conversations over large group settings.

Ava is a firm believer in addressing and dealing with her emotions instead of just suppressing them, a philosophy she picked up from her master.

She has ambitions to become a Jedi Master, and as a result is a bit peeved about her current station, as the command she's been given has mostly involved her turning the system she's been assigned to into a fortress, which has been quite tedious and unrewarding.


In large part because of her heritage, Ava was discovered to be force-sensitive at an extremely young age, and she was taken in by the Jedi Order before her first birthday. Due to her close blood tie to then-Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, Ava was a bit spoilt growing up compared to most of her peers. Once she passed her initiate trials, she was chosen to be a Padawan to Master Kala Zaris.

Ava and Master Zaris' relationship was initially rather strained, but once Master Zaris eventually broke Ava of her entitled-princess mentality, they became quite close. Near the onset of the Clone Wars, Ava passed her Trials of Knighthood and became a Jedi Knight.

After the Clone Wars broke out, Ava and her former master were given command of the 76th Legion and tasked with relieving the planet of Lanos from a Separtist siege. Unfortunately, the Separtists had been expecting the Republic's reinforcements, and Ava and Zaris soon found themselves trapped on Lanos as well. Their situation became dire and started to look hopeless as it became apparent that no more reinforcements would be coming. Then, in the dead of night, Master Zaris and a few teams of Clone Commandos took the few remaining shuttles and infiltrated the Separtist Capital Cruiser, leaving only a note behind informing Ava of what she was doing. Master Zaris and her team managed to get onto the Command Bridge and take control of the ship, promptly crashing the ship into a high density of Separtist Troops on the planet before the Separtists could regain control of the ship.

Ava then rallied the remaining Republic forces and counter attacked while the Separtists were trying to reorganize their chain of command. Disorganized and confused, the Separtists forces were routed and destroyed.

The victory was a major and unexpected blow to the Separtists, but it was also a major blow to Ava as well, who deeply grieved the loss of her former master. With Lanos being a border territory to Separtist space, the Republic fully expected the planet to come under attack again, and so Ava and the 76th Legion were ordered to garrison and fortify the planet against further Separtist assault. Thus, under Ava's command, the planet became an impregnable bastion of the Republic. Unfortunately, other than a few scouts and smugglers, Lanos has seen no significant Separtist presence since that early campaign. Now Ava has become rather bored with her commission and is quite eager to do something that doesn't involve waiting for an attack that doesn't appear to be coming.

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