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Summary: Commander of the 76th Legion, assigned to the Milthern Region of Lanos.

Commander Raden

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Group: Republic Forces, Leaders, and Supporters


Clone Trooper, created on Kamino


CT344, better known as Raden, is a Clone Commander of the 76th Legion, and is the highest ranking officer next to General Valorum.


Commander of the 76th Legion, Milthern Region.

Physical Appearance

Raden looks like all other Clones designed from Jango Fett's genetic template. He has fancy green-patterned armor.

Personality and Interests

Raden is dedicated, responsible, level-headed, and usually respectful to his subordinates and superiors. There are times when he can become impatient, frustrated, or afraid, but even clones are human.


Raden was a commander of the 76th Legion before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. His legion first saw action in the Battle of Lanos, and he has served as a garrison commander there ever since.

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Image of Commander Raden
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