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Summary: Quiet and Mysterious, a man of many secrets.

Reesia Zyne

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Gender: male

Age: 28

Group: Sith


Athiss, Sith Empire (Secret)

Says he is from Ord Ibanna.


Technician and Pilot.


Apprentice Devotee

Physical Appearance

Tall pale complexion, burn scar over left cheek and eye. covered by Tatoo.
Light brown hair, Silver white eyes.

General sadness and even angry look often is seen on the what is a rather youthful face.

Muscular and well toned. Discarded his traditional Black and dark blue robes and Armor, for contemporary casual spacer tunic trousers and leather coat. He wears a blaster on his hip and has seldom used it. prefers to persuade his way out of a firefight. his saber is always near but is safely concealed.

Personality and Interests

Find his place in this current universe.
Fears being uncovered. Fears failing his Master.
desires, find the Sith remnant Darth Plagus, Restore the Sith and forge Darth Kressh's vision.


After nearly 3700 years in a Stasis Coma, Reesai Zyne was revived by some on witting archelogy team on Drommund Tyne. A devoted follower of Darth Vodul Kressh, he and three other devotees were placed in stasis to one day be revived to complete Lord Kressh's bidding, depose the Emperor and crush both the Empire and Republic in their wake.

They had been branded the Burning ones. For they shall burn and reform the Galaxy in their Master's ideal.

Kressh's plot was discovered and failed. However, the four devoted Burning Ones slept.

One of the four would never return out from her slumber. The Second weakened by the long sleep was easily defeated in the fight with the science team after being revived. Reesia and Kyndrha remained. The two had a small disagreement over their purpose, as they had learned of the truth about the loss of the Empire, they fought not for survival in the "new" galaxy, but to survive one another. in the ensuing saber fight, both wielded such great power at one another throwing both over the depth of a cliff on Korriban. Reesia, assuming his victory, hasn't seen Kyndrha's beautiful red face in the years since.

In his despair, he has wondered the unknown regions looking for other sith and anything to tell what has become of the greatest Empire to rule the Galaxy. Was he alone? Who is Darth Plagus? Where has he gone? He has set out to find this great Sith Lord that had been found in a Holocron he found on Ord Ibanna.

What the hell is the Order of Two?

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Image of Reesia Zyne
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