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Summary: You have Credits?

Vendal Ken

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Gender: Male

Age: 50

Group: Smugglers and Other Criminals


Ord Mantel, human


Thief, Smuggler, Fence, Information Broker, criminal

Physical Appearance

175 cm tall pot belly, weather face from many hard years chasing around or being chased around (and being caught). balding widow's peak, brown/grey hair. eyes like dusty blue disks. Fat upturned nose. Obviously has been crushed too many times.

Brown flight jacket with many secret pockets. Black cargo pants, and grey stained collarless shirt.

Perpetual rancid odor about him.

Personality and Interests

Attempts to befriend anyone with the credits. Has a false charm about him. Self-serving petty criminal. "You have credits?"


Orphaned at an early age on Ord Mantel. Form Pickpocketing to burglary as a youth to gang violence and even murder. He ha been caught running spice and spent 10 years in a Republic Correction Facility. Since then has been limiting his deep direct involvement, now just mostly bribes and chances to sell whatever he can. more to be made in information and offloading newly acquired previous owned goods.

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Image of Vendal Ken
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