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Summary: Darth Sirrah, Leader of the Sith Underground

Darth Sirrah

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Gender: M

Age: 35

Group: Sith


Dagobah System


Sith Lord



Physical Appearance

Black robe, double bladed red lightsaber and red light whip.

Personality and Interests

Personality: Merciless
Interests: Complete Galactic Control


Raised by a mysterious sith master, Sirrah has only ever known a satiation for control.

He spent his life only eating what he could kill.

When he came to age, he entered galactic politics by force choking anyone who didn't bow to him.

He is well known for being the center of attention behind the clone wars, since he has trade deals with Kamino.

While Senator Palpatine may be the Sith Lord secretly behind Order 66, it is Darth Sirrah who bestowed upon him the plan of Order 66 and gave him knowledge of Kamino's clone facilities. Sirrah had already started the clone army procedures before Palpatine even knew of their existance.

Sirrah's Sith Underground consists of 1,000s of Sith clones of himself. No Jedi truly knows if who they're fighting is actually Sirrah or a Sirrah clone...

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Image of Darth Sirrah
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