On a Mission

Luna turned to Vane. “I have a strange feeling keep everyone on guard” she warned.
“Yes, Padawan” he answers. He turned quickly “Ke-Ke, you with me, plus two others the rest stay with the ship keep on alert. RED-1 you are with us as well” said Vane They fell behind the Padawan with Red and Vane right be hind her. Vane had never seen Kaminoans before they are very tall, with long, slender bodies giving them a graceful, gliding walk, and have large black eyes with white pupils. They are everything he has been told. He knew they are known to be expert cloners and developed the Grand Army of the Republic. The troops he was training.

Vane turned to RED as they walked “Red do a scan of the bio forms in the area” he asks as they walked. The Kaminoan looked back at Vane for a second then looked forward as they walked though the doors. Vane found that odd but did not worry about it as they entered. They fallowed the Kaminoan down a corridor in to a room several chairs and tables were in the room with some refreshments lade out. Vane stood back as the Kaminoan and Luna conversed. He turned to RED the droid seen fascinated by the room.

“well droid?” asks Vane RED Turned to face away from the two talking business and walk to a different table with Vane. “Captain, I detect nothing but Kaminoans and Clones here there are some smaller races doing maintenance but no threat” reports the droid. Vane looked at Luna then back at RED “just stay alert RED” Vane ordered. “I will” said the droid. Vane walked back to Luna and stood to the side. Watching the room.

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