“ we will spread out and look around you and Ke-Ke take the east side of the facility. Red and I will investigate the west side. Once we have established that there is no fowl play. We can set of a patrol and monitor space from her. Yes I do have permission from the Kamionins.” Luna said. She thought for a moment looking around a strange look on her face for a moment. Then return her attention to Vane. “ if you find something don’t start a fight just report it to me” crystal said.

She turned to red “ come on red we” she said. She started out of the room and towards the west side of the facility. So far nothing seamed out of place. However she still had a strange feeling. “ is it me or is it cold in her” she asked. There was a cold feeling but also something else but it was not quite clear.

“ Should we get going then. Do you think she will be ok by herself?” Ke-Ke asked as she started walking towards the door to investigate the East side of this strange place.

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