Darth Sirrah meditated in his chamber when a hologram pops up in front of him.

Hologram: My Lord, we had an unfortunate accident on Geonosis. Jango Fett is dead. Killed by a slew of Jedi.

Sirrah: No matter, Order 66 has already been delivered. Jango Fett did his job. He is of no further use to the Sith.

Hologram: Should I proceed with the next phase of the plan?

Sirrah: Yes! You must stage the capture of Chancellor Palpatine. General Grevious has already made contact with our droid army in that sector and is awaiting you there.

Hologram: Very well! It will be done. Will we be seeing your presence there as well.

Sirrah: In due time, I have a Jedi problem on Kamino that I must deal with first but be prepared for my arrival very soon. You will be able to sense my presence prior to my arrival.

Hologram: Very well my Lord!

Sirrah: Do not fail me. The capture of Chancellor Palpatine is vital to the success of order 66 and the establishment of the new galactic empire! You are dismissed...Count Dooku!

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