Being Watched

The droid fallowed Padawan Luna out of the room and started down a corridor. RED could see that something was bothering her. Jedi are so confusing thought RED the droid had work for Jedi before but with a Padawan never. He looked at her vitals he could scan her easily at close proximity. RED could see some strain but nothing out of the ordinary. Then she asks, “is it me or is it cold in here.” The droid paused then answered “Padawan Luna, it is a normal level, and your temperature is normal too.” RED droid stopped as someone walk buy then continued “what are we looking for Padawan?” asked RED-1. As he walks by a window looking in to the room. The room had a bed in it with a clone soldier in it working with some equipment.

He walked some more then realized that some one was watching them as they walk, he took a quick medical scan with you turning to them. RED moved quickly over to anther corridor walking up to a door marked examine room RED walked in after Luna walked in and the door shut he turned to Luna “wait one moment please analyzing area, analyzing complete, Padawan we have some one fallowing us it is a Kaminoans. I tool a scan of them earlier it the same one they have been fallowing us for a few minutes when we left the lounge. Should we continue to verify they are fallowing us?” the droid asks. Looking at the door.


Watching the Padawan go a different way he turned and entered a corridor Vane looked over to Ke Ke “OK sergeant, the Padawan can take care of her self also RED-1 with here it would take a heavy weapon to take that droid out it could snap a battle droid in two with ease. It won’t attack living beings but droids it will rip apart if it needs too” He says as they walk. “I also know there is a Clone commander I know here he could of be some help he like me and not a clone trooper but works as one his name is commander Gido Arkim. I have seen him on some ops in the past.”

Vane turned down some more corridors and thought some doors then stopped waited for the doors to close. Then looked at Ke Ke “wait a few” he unlocks his pistol and checked it then put it back. Then stepped back through the door He says “stay behind me some sergeant” as he reentered the corridor, he continued down corridor. He gave a sigh then said “amateurs, don’t look back we are being fallowed” whispered Vane. “so Ke Ke what do you think of this place” asks Vane.

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