General Kal-Nar Arrival

As Kal-Nar passed by some clone troops he gave a nod as they passed by. He had been ordered there to reinforce Kato. It had been six months without a brake this would be his first time he would to meet Kato. He jumped in to the speeder it speeds off to the headquarters it took several minutes. As it came to a stop Kal-Nar gave a nod to the clone trooper. He jumped out of the speeder and walked in to the building.

He walked in to the office looking at the Captain he said “Master Kal-Nar here to see Master Kato” he said to him. The Captain looked up at him and smiled “Yes General Kal-Nar the General is waiting for you, go in” the trooper said. Kal-Nar nodded “think you Captain” said as he walked away in to the office. The Jedi General was standing behind the desk facing the window looking out. “Master Kal-Nar your reputation precedes you.” Kato said still looking out the window. Kal-Nar walked up to his desk “The Jedi counsel sent me in to reinforce you right now we are spread out thin.”
The Kato turned to face the Cathar Jedi “Master Kal-Nar, I have been here for almost a year. But my mission could change I have been training a padawan learner which is a great responsibility. I must keep her out of trouble and figure out what is the Separatist are up to. You will oversee some of the mission on Kamino. You and your troops will be a grate help. Also, I sent an ARC Trooper Commander Arkim to assist you as well. I gave him instructions to meet up with Padawan Luna” His voice stern but smiled as the Jedi General spoke.

Cathar Jedi smiled showing his cat like teeth. Yes, Master Kato, I hope we get to the bottom of the Separatist plot.” The Jedi General walked to his desk and pick up Kal-Nars orders “give this to the captain at the desk.” Kal-Nar walked to the door it slid open and said “may the Force be with you Master Kato” he gave a nod to Kato and walked out. The Jedi General gave a nod back “I will inform you if any new information comes up.” Kal-Nar stop at the door. “I will be at your serves any time you need me Master Kato” says Kal-Nar. He walked and put his orders on the Captains desk saying, “I will be leaving now contact my ship tell them we are departing.” The Captain smiled and replied “General Kal-Nar, I understand we will send out that message.” Kal-Nar looked at him and said “May the Force be with you. and walked out.

OCC-OK Commander Gido Arkim you need to post meeting up with Padawan Luna.

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