Being followed

Luna looked around seeing different rooms with clone troupers training or working with equipment. As she hired the droid speak up. “ I don’t know exactly I saw it in a vision Kamino and a dark figure something is not right here I can feal it red” she said. She was half afraid the droid would think she was crazy.

It appeared to be true when he pulled her into and empty room. “ Red please listen I’m not crazy...” she started then was cut off be reds information that they were being followed. She thought for a moment if they were being fallow that could mean that may be monitoring there communications and if the acmes as if they know who was following them they ma lose the chance to catch the person.

“ will keep going act as if we don’t know there fallowing us perhaps we will be able to catch them” she said. As she started to walk out her communicator beeped with a message. She roped opening it. A hologram of her master appeared.” Padawan Luna I have sent ARK trooper Arkim to assist”. Luna tased an eyebrow. “ I gess we are getting help let’s continue” she said and walked out the door into the hallway. The evening found one of the training areas. Luna poised and watched the troupers training she was lost in thought it appeared.

Ke-Ke nodded and simply followed Vane. Her nose twitched and so did her ears. A nother trooper like them that should be interesting. She thought half of her wanted to know what was the reason they both joined the clone army. She did not have long to ponder as Vane lead her into a septet room and wanted for the door to close.

She watched as Vane checked his blaster. Luna checked her her own blaster making sure that it was ready for a fight as well. She came out of the hallway and stayed just behind Vane. She smelled at his stamens. He was right the individuals following them were not very good at it.

She thought about the question she was asked. “ I’m not a fan it’s to clean and white it’s like a hospital and is hard to tell where a sound is coming from” she said. The last part of her stamens was a lie. She intended to throw there followers off.

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