Where is that Padawan

Kal-nar was standing on the bridge of The Venator-class Star Destroyer, Deliverance going through hyper space as He watched lights streak by. The clone ships officer walked up saying “General Kal-Nar we are approaching are coordinates.” Kal-Nar turned from the window looking at the bridge. “very well have my shuttle ready and my escort.” The Jedi replied. With a sudden slow the stars came in to view a small moon to one side the Venator-class Star Destroyer WarDragon was just off to the side the two ships moving together.

The Jedi master looked over to the ship next to them “War Dragon this is Deliverance status?” there was a pause then a familiar voice of a clone could be heard. “Deliverance, this is War Dragon status is green we are all ready, the Commander is on site and has not report back as of yet.” The man answered. Kal-Nar thought for moment what is she up to? He turned and started to walk to the lift “Deliverance to War Dragon, thank you going to site keep me posted.” He said be for disappearing in to the lift and off the bridge. The voice replied, “yes General, WarDragon out.”

Down in the launch bay Kal-Nar walks up the ramp to the Nu-class Attack Shuttle. the pilots saluted him as he boarded the shuttle. Within minutes the shuttle lifted off the deck was flying to Kamino the ride was long but uneventful. Landing a well dressed Kaminoan was there to greet Kal-Nar on the landing pad. As he walked up the Kaminoan said “welcome master Jedi, how can I help you?” in a soft and gentle voice. “I am looking for a Padawan Luna do you know where she is?” the Kaminoan nodded and motioned “this way Jedi Master” the Kaminoan started to walk gracefully in to the building Kal-Nar fallows the Kaminoan in.

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