The Guests Arrive

Crashsite Base Commander's Office, Lanos

"Good morning, Master Valorum. This is Padawan Luna. We are currently at the space port. Should we wait here or is there another place you would like us to meet you?"

General Ava Valorum and her staff had not been spending the past two days waiting idly. Instead, they had been doing everything they could to prepare for Luna and her team's arrival, planning which places they would infiltrate and who they should follow. By the time Ava received Luna's message, most of the preparations were complete, and she was busy practicing the presentation she was going to give Luna's team to introduce them to Lanos when the Padawan called.

"Just stay where you are for now, Padawan Luna," Ava responded. "Base security should be with you in a few moments if they are not already. Let them escort your team to the train to my headquarters, and I will greet you once you arrive."


Crashsite Military Port, Lanos

The backwater planet of Lanos was not a terribly popular destination at the best of times and now was not exactly the best time, with it being a frontier zone in the war and all. Still, the ports saw enough traffic to survive. Crashsite Military Port was particularly busy as Lanos spaceports went due to its proximity to the Republic Garrison's headquarters on the planet, Crashsite Base, which was also the closest military base to Lano's capital city, Kantos. As such, many Republic officials would choose to arrive at the Crashsite Base Port instead of Kantos' Port, which was notoriously inefficient and had a tendency to "lose" baggage fairly frequently. One of the more frequent visitors was Senator Elrik Valorum, who ostensibly visited audit the Republic's embassy in Kantos but usually spent a fair bit of his stay catching up with his sister.

As such, the clones of the 76th that were assigned to port security were well accustomed to dealing with Republic VIPs...

"Shuttle B02609 from Coruscant, you are cleared for landing. Please report to Bay F003..."

"Coruscant eh? Do we have more Republic big-wigs coming through today?" Clone Sergeant CX917 'Zed' asked the air traffic controller.

"Yeah, the General is expecting these guys."

Zed smirked. "Should I play the gruff and impatient guard or the suffocatingly friendly one when I go to receive them?"

"I'd recommend taking the 'as professional as possible' approach," the controller, a fellow clone, replied. "One of them is a Jedi."

Sergeant Zed raised his eyebrows. "Do you think we're being audited?"

"I have no idea, but I'd prefer not to get an unfavorable mention on a potential report."

"Good idea," Zed muttered. "Well, best not leave them waiting." The clone sergeant quickly assembled a standby team of security troopers and rolled three carts over to Bay F003. Two of the carts had nothing on them, but the third had a large scanning device on it.

By the time Zed's squad arrived, the passengers were already getting off the ship and taking a look around. Zed immediately recognized the Jedi in her traditional Jedi-robes. He was rather surprised by how youthful she appeared. She looked as if she was only a year or so into puberty. Not the kind of Jedi he'd expect to see doing an audit.

The others were no less odd looking. The were all dressed in professional civilian attire, but Zed could tell that they were military men and woman by the way they carried themselves. A few of them were even clones. Zed had never seen a clone in a business suit before. Perhaps having clone bodyguards wear business suits was the latest trend among the big cheeses of Coruscant...

With his four troopers in tow, Zed approached the Jedi and performed a perfunctory salute. "Commander, please have your men place their bags on these carts, and after our scan is complete, we will escort you to the base."

(OOC - apparently, all Jedi, even Jedi Padawans, were considered commanders or higher in the Clone army. As such, Zed would assume that Luna was in charge unless a more-senior-looking Jedi was present.)

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