Early Dawn - useful information

An alley in the shadows of gray light of the rising Sun. The chill of the early morning seen in vapors as the two men exhale. The other stares difficulty into the shadows squinting and in his cocky rasp voice, "There is a war on, these things take time and many credits."

The younger man gazing at the scoundrel in a dark brown flight jacket makes no indication that he agrees with the filthy information dealer. There is always a war on. This pile of Bantha dung has no idea what war is. What flames burn the flesh and the dark fire which nearly melted away his left eye. Yet, an easy sacrifice to pay for the power and prestige it had gained him. The right kind, the kind that drew the attention of his Master, Darth Kressh.

Those days have long since passed but, Reesia Zyne, Apprentice to Kressh, a warrior, and an artful pilot has not given up on his Master's wishes. Burn the Galaxy and renew it from the ashes.

This scum, Vendal Ken, a despicable being, who would soon sell you his own mother to gain a few extra credits, if the price was great enough. A disloyal and untrustworthy villain. Useful for the Empire's sake, but not today. Useful only if his information has the value he claims. The Empire's sake. Anger swells inside Reesai's heart. he could just crush this worm for reminding him of the Days when Reesai would find Ken's delays to be trying his patience, a little too irritating. He won't for now. "Yes, you have said a little too often how much it can cost." Reesai's voice just above a wind's whisper. "Time also grows very short." Reesia had sensed the presence of a Jedi, maybe two. He had watched the Republic Transports descend from the night's sky breaking cloud and blotting starlight on their descent to land at the outpost he had heard about, Crash Site base. "Tell me, Vendal, what do you have?", his tone still even.

Vendal started, as he always had, in a cheery tone. A tone that Reesia finds quite annoying. "You see my friend," Reesia keeps no friends, he knows that this scum is going to press for more money or withhold the information and have another excuse as to the delay, "there is a thing about expenses. I had to bribe an official here and acquire at a reasonably high price a chart leading into the outlying region where your precious treasure is said to be located."

For once since meeting this rake, Reesia was honestly surprised. Not at the mention of expenses, but that he actually has something to deliver. Maybe Vendal Ken, may see dusk this day.

"Where is the chart?"

"There are the few extra expenses that I had to reach deep for."

"Vendal, we have a deal, do not press me. I may alter the terms."

"You alter the terms." Vendal raised his voice just slightly. "Are you threatening me, boy! I do not take kindly to threats."

"You have strung this simple deed as you put it, out long enough. Finally, you have produced something worth my interest. You dare mention your costs. You press me for more credits with each meeting and produce nothing but delays. I do not make threats. I produce results. This Chart better be worth all the expense I have already made." Reesia voice as calm as ice. Vendal began to interrupt as Reesai could sense the anger flowing in the old scoundrel's mind.

Reesia's right forefinger curled into his right thumb as to grip the chill air. Vendal's throat tightened, the air would not pass so easily, what was allowed to pass burned like icy fire. The older man began to reach to relieve his crushed throat. Reesia extended his right hand upwards and then with a quick motion he whipped it across toward's his left side. Vendal had risen from his feet and suddenly was tossed against the wall of the alleyway. "The Chart where is it?," Reesia said as he knelt by Vendal's collapsed body. Vendal slowly pulled a data crystal from a hidden pocket. "Here." he rasped.

"Perhaps you will be more forthcoming next time." Reesia then stood and turned away walking out of the alley. He pressed a key on his transmitter device. Seven thousand Credits were instantly transferred into Vendal Ken's secret account.

"This better be worth it, Ken, or we will meet again."

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