After Ke-Ke, and the other clone troupers got there gear puut away in Crashsit military post. They decided to take look around the planet. The 88th clone battalion did not like to waste time. They had to of course clearer there little exposition Luna and Vain first. It was of course cleared so long as the had other communicator active and on there person so they could be recalled quickly. Ke-Ke of course though that was obvious and wondered why they indicted on treating them like children. ” it is what it is” she thought. She and three other troopers quite started to look for some of the local bars where they were more likely to hear about ether the huts or the corruption of the plants public officials. Witch was what they were already on the planet to investigate. They just did not want to water around for meeting to plan how to carry out said investigations. Especially when they could get possible leads sooner rather then later.

It took them very little time to find a bar in one of the areas with the highest crime rate. It was a small hole in the wall tipe place named Dark Corner. “ alright guys try and blend in if we are going to find out anything regarding the huts or the corruption in the planets leadership this may be the best place to start” the troupers nonded simpal agreement as the entired the Dark Corner. Ke-ke had no problem fitting in the clone were not so lucky even with out armor they were kind of easily identified.

Ke-ke and the clones ordered drinks and found table. They decided to quit observed the others in the bar. The engaged in some ideal conversation for a few moments so far they had not heard anything of interest from the others in the bar. They also wanted to appear as if they were friends just out for a drink. Witch helped the clones blend in better.

OOC: sorry for the late response I was trying to give Nim a chance to post. Sence Ke-Ke is the only caricature I have that is free at the moment I figured a run in with her and Reesia would both be interesting but also pull him into the mane plot of the game.

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