A deserter

Kun Hill knew he was a dead man. He and his father had never seen eye to eye, so when he saw how his father wavered in all cases, doing whatever the Sith Lord wanted, it sickened him.

He knew of the frigate in the docks of Scipio. Everyone thought it too derelict to use but he'd managed to acquire it for next to nothing and keep his restoration efforts under wraps. It wasn't the full class size his father tooled around in, about a fourth the size but that meant it could be quicker and need less crew and resources, especially when those resources were droids and the least intelligent kind.

Oh how he loved battle droids and the mechs that could build and maintain them. It was too easy to alter a few numbers here and there and render what should have been repurposed/salvaged and note it as scrap... then to use it for his own purposes. It was no army but it would serve it's purpose if he faced a tactical unit or a stronger force and needed to flee. He had around 100 battle droids of various types and 30 mech droids to keep them operating smoothly and repurposed the frigate into a stronghold on Lah'Mu. It was unsettled mostly - farmers who scraped a living - and he'd be left alone. Alone... to prepare.

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