Enter Darth Sirrah

Ext - Kamino - Night

Sirrah's ship lands on the Kamino landing pad as the rain pours down on the exterior of the hull.

The doors of both the Kamino cloning facility and Sirrah's ship open as both Sirrah, accompanied by 2 battle driods, and a kimino scientist, meet.

Scientist - Lord Sirrah, what an unexpected surprise!

Sirrah - let's dispense with the pleasentries. Show me the new clones.

Scientist - My lord, the new batch isn't all the way completed. We need more time!

Sirrah - You've had 6 months, yet you complete a batch for Senator Palpatine in 3. You do realize he works for me?

Scientist - Yes my lord!

Sirrah - So then why does his commissioned clone troopers take precidence over my Sith Maurauders?

Scientist - my lord, the DNA samples provided by Jango Fett are more fresh compared to the DNA samples you've provided for us because he lives among us and you're only here once every 6 months. The cloning process works more proficient with frequent fresh DNA samples.

Sirrah - You test my patience! Regardless, I guess you're right. After all, you people are the only ones knowledgeable on cloning technology. Very Well, I'll see to it that fresh samples are delivered every month. We wouldn't want my apprentice to upstage me so early on in the game.

Scientist - Understood!

Sirrah - Deliver what you have of the current batch and send word when the remaining have finished. I have pending assignments for all involved upon completion. I'll send a battle cruiser to retrieve the remaining clones.

The scientist walks back inside. Sirrah turns to one of the battle driods.

Sirrah - After I'm gone, See to it that the scientist involved in the delay is perminantly removed from this project and replaced with a more efficient worker.

Driod - Roger Roger

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