A Droid

“Padawan Luna, sorry to bother you” said Vane in an apologetic tone.

Luna was startled from her meditation. She looked up to see Vane. “It’s no problem just contemplating an unusual dread, is there something I can help you with.” Luna said.

“Padawan Luna, your Master has sent you a droid to help you with your mission its name is RED-1.” He explained. Vane stepped back and looked at the droid beside him “introduce your self to your new Master Droid” He said his voice commanding.

“ Calm yourself there’s no need to be so harsh all the time” luna said gently.

The tall droid step forward “Master Luna, I am RED-1 a medical rescue specialist Droid, I have been instructed to serve you by Jedi Master Kato. If you need anything you just have to ask” said the droid in a delightful tone. RED-1 seem to look Luna over “I have just now incorporated your Bio Metrex I now recognize you as Master Luna.” Says the droid. It steps back and looks at Vane “my medical scan shows the Master to be in perfect health Captain Vane” states the droid it looks back at Luna “Master Luna, do you have any instructions or request of me at this time?” ask the droid.

“No not at this time and you can call me Luna” she said with a smile.

With a light laugh Vane says “Padawan, good luck with this one.” He turns looking over his shoulder “I am returning to my station Padawan Luna, if you need me just yell or call your team will be there.” He continued to walk away form the area.

”Hold on, Vane,” Luna calls and follows him. She thought for a moment how best to word her question. The question had to do with Kamino she did not want to start a panic in her troops over a vague and possibly meaningless nightmare.

“ have you or your troops herd of any trouble in Kamino’s sector” she asked.

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