Orders out

Vane stepped away he touched his com button “OK team we are now a threat level 2 I want reports on anyone that gets near Padawan Lura, Ke-ke I need you to call back to the Company get an Intell report on Kimono and have it sent to me by today.” He ordered. he turned and started to walk off. You guys stay sharp we will be returning soon, Vane out.”

"Red did you have something you needed say" she asked the droid.

RED stepped back up to where she was standing. “Lady Luna, I don’t know what medical advice I could give you in this situation. I would say drink some tea and relax. I know you are a Jedi and giving you drugs to relax would not be the best thing to do. Just know I will always be near you” the droid said with compassion. “let stick to your schedule for now and see how you feel” the droid sagest.

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