A new corse of action

Crystal nodded “ I missed that sir I’m glad you coughed it if your right there could be something Major going on I’ll get the trips and transports redy.” She said then turned and headed away.
Luna smiled at the droid of course not I was just hoping he may have give you a reason” she said going back to meditating. The vision would not get any clearer. She soon felt Vanes presents and looked up at him. She lisp does carefully.

“ We will take a more discrete transport. I have a strange feeling that who ever it is clouding trouble is aware of us” Luna said. I’ll send a message to master using the Jedi frequency’s. She said standing and headed away stopping for a moment. “Red you can help Vane if you wish” she offered the droid. She half wanted to see what the droid would do when faced with a choice.

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