Preparing for Mission

The Padawan looked up at Vane and said, “I missed that sir I’m glad you coughed it if your right there could be something Major going on, I’ll get the trips and transports ready.” She said then turned and headed away. “We will take a more discrete transport. I have a strange feeling that whoever it is clouding trouble is aware of us” Luna said. I’ll send a message to master using the Jedi frequencies. She said standing and headed away stopping for a moment. “Red you can help Vane if you wish” she offered the droid. She half wanted to see what the droid would do when faced with a choice.

RED paused then spoke “if you are sure you do not need my serves, I will do as you ask and help Vane in preparations of despatcher. If this is a test to see where my loyalties lay, they are with you and you only unless I am instructed otherwise. Vane is a were of my orders and mission to support you anyway I can.” The droid started walking in Vanes direction. “I am capable of determining that. I do have a Heuristic Processor I can even learn” it said respectively.

Vane laugh lightly “enough! RED you are borderline on disrespect. I do have a use for you come a long leave the Padawan to her penetrations.” The droid stopped and says, “lady Luna, I meant no disrespect just clarifying my position.” Vane gave the droid a stern look “now RED, lets go.” RED look at the both then nodded to Luna. Vane and the droid walk off.

Vane looked at red as they walked and asked. “What do you know about Dynamic Class Freighter.” RED looked at Vane “Sir, I am programed in many types of Freighters I can not pilot or navigate one but make repairs and some modifications of one” said the droid. Vane smiled. “good I will interduce you to the Ranger” replied Vane. RED Thought for a moment “ranger is it a Dynamic Class Freighter” ask the droid. Vane said “yes”.

Touching his comm panel as it active “Vane to squad one we are moving out, we are heading back to base, Ke-Ke and triple five escort the padawan back on transport one rest on transport two in five.” He heard as they acknowledged their orders.
Back at base they assembled in front of the barracks the company snapped to attention as Vane walk up. “At ease!” he ordered. “All right we have a change of mission Ke-Ke your squad is with me and Padawan Luna, rest of you will be on a military transport more on what you will be doing in transport. You will have a full equipment issue. This is not a training mission you all ill now start on real missions and I expect you to perform to standers, no better than that. We serve Padawan Luna Failure is not an option understand!” he yelled. The troops snapped to attention yelling “Yes Sir!” Vane smiled “squad one stand by, Squad leaders take control of your squads you have your orders, dismissed” He saluted, and they returned the salute and fell out.

Vane approached Ke-Ke your Squad will have your equipment and civilian clothing just in case we go undercover. I already have weapons onboard for you if we need them for undercover work. we meet in the hunger in one hour. Any questions?” vane asked.

Good, See you all in one hour, dismissed” He ordered.

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