Change of events

Ke-Ke acknowledged Vanes orders. She shelled to makes Sure there was an escort from her squad with Luna then returned to her preparations.


Luna giggles at Reds responses “ I was carouse how you would react if given a choice” she said with a smile. Then headed off to find a terminal that she could contact her master from. Once she found one inside the temple she keyed it on and carefully set the frequency and inscription. “ Master Kato I’m sorry to interrupt but there may be suspicious activity on Kamino sector we are going to go and investigate. “ she said when the image of her master appeared on the screen. He remanded quit for a moment.

“ very well but you are only to investigate do not engage any enemy forces” he said.

“ of course Master I will report back as soon and I have information” she said.

“ Very good, stay out of trouble” master Kato said before the transmission cut out. Luna headed back to the hanger with the her escort in two.

“ no problems here” Ke-Ke said then returned to her task. The team was redy to go in 45 minutes not long after that Padawone Luna showed up. Hello Ke-Ke have you Sean Vane anywhere.

“ not yet he should be here any minute now” she said.

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