Re: Deliver Order 66

Ext. - Kamino Cloning Facility - Night

The landing pad was illuminated with blue lights. On the pad stand two company formations. 1 was driods, the other were sith clone maurauders.

The driod commander stands front and center speaking to Lord Sirrah.

Droid: We have assembled as ordered. Orders?

Sirrah: I sense an impending battle is approaching. The Jedi are on their way here. There's a change in the force. As if our presense has already been felt here. Stand ready but not seen, operations here must appear to be normal and of the council's consent. My apprentice, Darth Sidious is already aware of what's coming and has informed to stick to the current plan which has been laid out for him. You shall do the same. If the Jedi are to discover the true nature of this facilities operation, eliminate them from the equation.

Sirrah walks over to the Sith commander.

Sirrah: Nothing must interfere with the delivery of Order 66. See to it that the delivery is made on schedule. Remember, stick to the shadows, do not let yourselves be seen.

Sirrah turns and boards his tie fighter and leaves the planet.

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