Hanging Back

Aaliyah nodded with a slight smile at Dallas's sentiment. "Yeah...we'll find him." Then she pointed out a spot on her shoulder for the mark, near the front. "Go ahead and put it right here. Should work

Jack found it amusing to see Aaliyah act more human with Dallas. If was a much different attitude she gave him at the beginning. As Dallas was drawing on Aaliyah, Jack picked up hit coat and shirt and set them on a chair. He then watched both ladies making small talk while he was standing shirtless before them. At no point was he ashamed of his well toned muscular body, since he showed it off on stage regularly and with his many one night stands. He looked down at his chest and saw the ink was still moist so he waited patiently for it to dry. Since Dallas warmed up to him, he didn't want to upset her by ruining her art, even if it was ineffective on him. He was glad he went with a non angelic tat since it could have ended badly. He wondered how Dallas would feel when his secret was revealed.

Jack: Well sounds like you both have a plan so just fill me in when you are ready.


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