Demonology 101 followed by Remedial Angels

Dallas' tongue lolled out of her mouth as she concentrated on drawing both marks on Aailyah. Her skin was softer than Jack's, so Dallas took great care as to not smudge the ink and mess up the symbols. Just like with Jack, she drew the pentagram carefully and stood back a few times to admire her handywork. She licked her fingertip and removed a small smudge near Aailyah's collar bone before the ink dried. On the front of her other shoulder, Dallas drew the same Enochian symbol which looked a little like a backwards three with a few extra lines. Just like with Jack, she blew on the ink to help it dry faster. If Aailyah was uncomfortable, Dallas was too concerned with being precise to notice.

"Good." She declared. "At least we'll be a little safer. " She eyed Tombstone once more and fixed a shaded area that really didn't need fixing, then capped the marker. Who knew how long they'd be together, and if they couldn't find a more permanent solution, the marks would only last a hand full of days.

Well sounds like you both have a plan so just fill me in when you are ready.

"Demons. " Dallas began. "Demons are afraid of a couple of things. Demon traps, of course, holy water, it literally boils the hell out of them, salt, they can't cross it, and Iron, iron'll burn 'em. But the two things that scare demons the most? Exorcisms and angels. Most angels are more powerful than demons. I seen one once snap her fingers, and three demons smoked out of the bodies they possessed. No lie! With my own eyes I seen it. All an angel has to do..." She demonstrated on Jack. "They put their hand like this on the forehead..." Dallas stood on her tip toes to place her two fingertips against Jack's forehead. "And the demon won't stand a chance to smoke out. 'Course the person they possessed is dead too, but most angels don't give a damn about that.

Angels on the other hand, Angels ain't afraid of much. Mostly other angels, they can smite each other, though why they do is beyond me. I think it goes with the being a dick thing. Most of them carry a blade they can kill other angels with, but good luck getting one. You get that close to an angel, you're likely ending up dead. You can trap them like I said with holy fire, setting holy oil on fire, will trap them, but not for long. You can banish them, you draw a symbol, and as long as it comes in contact with blood, it'll give you a bit of a headstart to run. To be honest, I don't know where it sends them, could be back to heaven, could be to hell, I don't much care because it gives you a chance to high tail it outta there. Works, no matter how many there are, within a certain radius. " Dallas drew out the symbol on a piece of paper. "Won't do nothing now, but I mean, it's good to have on hand.

So... yeah. Those are the basics. It's pretty much on the job training from there, unless anyone has any questions? If not? We should do it." Smooth Dallas. "And by that I mean, get going. Loot the area. We can split up. We need supplies, any food we can find, weapons, and if there are any churches, synagogues, places of worship, we can arm up with holy water, holy oil, and who knows what other goodies they'll have. I passed a sporting goods store, maybe they'll have shotgun shells or something useful, so I'll take weapons. Meet back here in two hours?"

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