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Summary: High level Khajiit with the soul and power of a dragon. Lawful good player exploring the new world.


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Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: Player


Khajiit ( cat man )

Dragon soul




Racial skills: night vision and claws.

Draconic power, level 10

Archery, level 10
Sniper, level 10

Diplomacy, level 10

Rogue, level 10
Assasin, level 10
Ninja, level 10

Alchemy, level 10
Poisons, level 10
Potions, level 9

Physical Appearance

Bipedal cat, gray fur with red stripes, white belly fur, looks like he has a small mustache.

He is usually wearing his dragon scale armor and matching snake skin cape.

Personality and interests

Lawful good

Episcopal Church

He enjoys making friends and helping out those weaker than himself get better. He loves exploring new places and often takes long walks alone. He could be considered an introvert. He has a passion to learn new things and loves animals, especially his pets.


Paul loved playing video games with friends and when his friends started playing Yggdrasil he joined them. His cat allergy was ironically paired with an extreme love of cats. He has been a devout believer in God from a young age and if it weren’t for his love of stealth gameplay he might have become a cleric. He had a loving family growing up and although he started living on his own he visited often. After Yggdrasil was shut down he planned on asking one of the girls from his guild out on a real world date.

He killed a lot of dragons with his guild and on his own. This is what slowed him to gain the Dragon soul trait and learn the corosponding skills.


Guild: Seekers of truth

Friends: TinkerTank, Diablo,
Summer (human woman he rescued from bandits)

Acquaintances: Shera, Rem, Sylvie


300 gold coins.

Dragon scale armor

Jörmungandr‘s cape

Jörmungandr‘s cloak

Dragon bone daggers

World slayer’s bow

99 Dragon bone arrows
500 snake tooth arrows

Lockpick set

large stock of assorted potions and poisons

portable alchemy equipment for making potions and poisons

Ninja tools like smoke bombs and grappling hook, ect.

a ring for every resistance, a necklace of flight, ring of invisibility, and other assorted rings and necklaces of utility that would be useful to archery and stealth.

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