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Summary: A Pantherian Summoner with a dark secret

Rem Galleu

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: New World Native


Pantherian - Natural Agility boost, Night Vision,


Level 40 Summoner


As a Pantherian, she possesses super-fast movements and strong offensive ability.
She possesses the magical attribute of "Earth" and is about level 40 as a Summoner Magician. She has 7 Summons.
《Shadow Snake》: A level 20 summoned beast; A black serpent with an overall length of about five meters. Its special ability is 《Restrain》--if the opponent is a standard person of the Races, it was able to restrain their movements for about five seconds.
《Aslau》: A level 40 summoned beast; a gigantic and tenacious bull possessing three horns. Its special ability is 《Assault》, and it had an offensive ability that rivaled that of the level 40 Warrior's 《Sword's Might》.
《Stone Man》: A gigantic stone statue.
《Iron Gorilla》: One of her more recent summoned beast.
《Rock Wan》: A level 25 Earth attribute wolf.
《Dragonfly》: A level 20 Wind attribute giant dragonfly.

Physical Appearance

Eye color: Green
Hair color: Black
Height: 5ft
She is a short Pantherian girl with long black hair that grew down all the way to her waist. Her ears and tail are both equally a beautiful black color that is rare even among Pantherians. Her cat-like, almond-shaped green eyes and spruce eyebrows seem expressionless like a doll and made one feel the strength of her volition. She has a slender body type. From her sides that had her ribs lightly showing to her toned arms and legs, her body has no uselessness in it.

Her clothes were a vest that went to her chest, had shoulder pads attached, and was hanging from a jacket, and a wide leather belt coiled above her waist. It had a great number of pockets attached. She wore a skirt of layered cloth around her waist and skin-tight short shorts/spats underneath the skirt.

Personality and interests

She is really uncomfortable concerning her small chest, as it's not only rare for a Pantherian but also she sees it as a huge disadvantage in trying to win Diablo's affections. While she does like shows of affection, she easily gets wildly flustered when such affection is even remotely public. She's pleasant and cordial with just about everyone she meets, it's only those to whom she gets close that see her honestly snark, quarrel, and pout.


She was born in the Gad family and as the vessel of Demon Lord Krebskulm's soul, inheriting from her mother. At some point in her life, she left her family, became a Summoner and met Celestine Baudelaire of the Mage's Association. Celestine wanted Rem to be part of the Magician's Society in order to keep her safe and prevent the revival of Demon Lord Krebskulm in the event of her death. Rem refused and became an adventurer to find a way to defeat Krebskulm's soul on her own. After gaining a number of Summoned Beasts, Rem decided the best way to defeat a Demon Lord is a Demon Lord and decided to summon one from another world. In Starfall Tower, she came to summon a Demon Lord and met an elf who also wanted to summon a Demon Lord. They both did the summoning ritual at the same time and summoned Diablo.


Relatives: Gad family
Mother (deceased)
Father (deceased)
Grandmother (deceased)
Uncle (deceased)
Diablo - Summoned Entity


Iron Tekkou: Hand covers furnished with claws.
A wide leather belt with a great number of pockets
《Layer of Secret Stone》: A SSR full body armor, it has high Physical Defense and Magic Resistance and has the effect of Increase Speed. It was given to Rem by Diablo.
《Wild Animal's Ring》: A ring that strengthens Summons. MP consumption is increased by 30%, Summon's offense and defense are doubled. It was given to Rem by Diablo.
《Magic Hands of the Beast》: Gauntlets that Increase Speed. They also increase damage against beasts (wild animals, Demonic Beasts, Summons, etc.). It was given to Rem by Diablo.

Experience gained

Level 40 Summoner at 40,000XP (10,000per level)

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Image of Rem Galleu
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