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Summary: Demon Lord Krebskulm now as a small girl

Demon Lord Krebskulm aka Krum

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Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: New World Native


Demon Lord of the Soul, Krebskulm


Fluctuates based on form she takes.
Little Girl mode - Level 80 Enchantress 80,000XP
Full Blown Demon Lord Mode - Level 100 Demon Lord. 1,000,000XP


Krebskulm has tremendous magical power. Diablo describes it as magical power that was enormous enough that it was difficult to comprehend. Diablo also describes that unlike normal magicians who have magical power stored up in their body, Krebskulm's magical power was as if he was taking a peek at a flowing river; seemingly having unlimited magical power.

However, because Krebskulm regressed back to a child initially, she has forgotten all the spells she had knowledge about as a full-grown adult. In her child form, initially, the most she could do is bestow magical power upon Fallen to make them stronger and destroy her enemies with basic magic blasts.

If Krebskulm returns to her true form as the Demon Lord, her magical power further increases. Along with that, knowledge of her other abilities seems to have returned to her like infusing magical power into her fist to increase the power of her punch, a 《Breath》 attack, and a magic spell that seems similar to 《Lightning Meteor》. If her powerful magic and deadly 《Breath》 attack were not enough to destroy her enemies, Krebskulm will resort to using her enormous strength to crush her foes with physical attacks or throwing heavy objects.

Immense Strength: Krebskulm's strength in her awakened form is capable of lifting and throwing heavy objects, like coffins and large portions of the rampart, with ease. And when she infuses magical power into her fist to throw a punch, its power is so incredible that it blows away any armor or defense made by the people of the Races as if it was nothing.
Powerful Magic:
《Darkness Breath》: A pure 《Attribute Attack》.
《Thanatos》: A black sphere of magic that sucks and crushes what it hits.
《Infinity Detonation》: An attack that ignores any and all defenses.

Physical Appearance

Height: 4ft tall, Full powered Demon mode 9ft
Eye color: Purple/Violet/Amethyst, Full powered Demon mode Red
Hair color: Blonde, Full powered Demon mode black

After being released from Rem's seal during the Demon Lord Revival Ceremony, she at first had the appearance of what you would expect from a Demon Lord. A gigantic humanoid body. She had a stature that was around three meters tall (Diablo, being a tall person himself, only reached up to her waist). A long and narrow torso that resembled that of a snake. The surface of her body was glossy black in color and gave the impression of being a hard surface like that of an insect. Her head had two, curved horns growing out of it with a total of five red, shining eyes on her face (two on each side and one in the center). From her back, gigantic and dazzling wings of light sprang forth. It was a truly sinister form.

However, a few moments later, for some unknown reason, she shrank down and had turned into a very young girl even smaller than Rem and had a charm resembling that of a small animal. Growing from the left and right sides of her head, she had curved horns like that of a goat. Her ears were long like that of an Elf. Her eyes were a purple color that was similar to amethyst, her blonde, cream-colored hair that was put up into two tufts grew down to her knees, and from above her butt, there was a lizard tail hanging down and flopping about. What she wore was a dress with fluttery frills with openings on them showing off her shoulders and stomach.

When she first entered Faltra City with Diablo's group, she had to wear a mantle as a robe in order to hide her horns and tail so that she can pretend to be one of the demi-human races.

Personality and interests

She's actually a very sweet and happy child. As long as she isn't directly provoked, she's perfectly fine with "live and let live," although she occasionally voices the desire to burn up people en masse when she gets impatient. She's wholly innocent, cheerful, gentle and kind, as long as she's not deliberately provoked. Even in her berserker mode, she's not mindless. While it's true that she can't tell friend from foe, she does learn from her actions. She loves cookies and would trade a life of carnage for them.


She was once one being with the other Demon Lords but were split apart after being defeated by God. She was sealed in Rem Galleu's ancestor and was passed down from mother to daughter up to Rem. Many factions of her followers want her to be resurrected for their selfish reasons. Of course Diablo will do anything to protect Rem and Shera, even if it means defeating all their enemies.


Rem Galleu - She was sealed in her ancestors and her until she was partly released.
Shera L. Greenwood - Despite Rem being the one who technically gave birth to her, she's latched on to Shera because of her cookies.
Diablo - She gives her first kiss to Diablo as part of the Master-slave contract into which she willingly enters to protect Rem and Shera from the angry humans.



Experience gained

Fluctuates based on form she takes.
Little Girl mode - Level 80 Enchanter 80,000XP
Full Blown Demon Mode - Level 100 Demon Lord. 1,000,000XP

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Image of Demon Lord Krebskulm aka Krum
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