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Summary: Lt. General Chester Ray Galford is the feudal lord of Faltra City

Chester Ray Galford (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 36

Group: NPC for ongoing world




Knight Captain Level 80


Lieutenant General Chester Ray Galford is the feudal lord of Faltra City.

He is a powerful warrior who is extremely skilled with the sword and is capable of moving at exceedingly fast speeds with no needless movements. At first, Diablo calculated that Galford's level was no less than 80 when Diablo barely witnessed his movements in cutting off Alicia's blade without even a sound which no one else in the area was able to witness. However, after witnessing Galford use a skill that can only be learned at level 80, he is thought to be at around that level or higher.
Martial Arts: unknown defense-type : an absolute defense-type . The activation timing was severe, but it could completely defend against an opponent's attack only once in the middle of battle.
: A learned at level 80. Making the blade red hot, it was a huge move that would cut eight times in an instant.

Physical Appearance

Chester Ray Galford is a middle age man. He is wearing a white military uniform.

Personality and interests

He's even more condescending, arrogant, and spiteful than Diablo. In addition, he's horribly racist, sexist, and petty, but he is an officially recognized hero who had a major role in the defeat of Demon King of the Brain, Enkvaros 30 years ago, in-universe, and does put the well being of the citizens of Faltra first.He constantly looks down on adventurers as a whole, especially Diablo. He's quick to insult and belittle them at any opportunity, despite the fact that the city only exists because the adventurer's guild took the demonic being attack head-on, while he was in his mansion doing nothing, and constantly go into danger to deal with threats that the local knights can't handle. This leads him to make two critical mistakes. First, he calls Diablo "cowardly," looking to make excuses for his incompetence when he sought out mission-critical important info from Galford, which allows Diablo to counter with the fact that Galford did nothing during the invasion, and Galford launches a sneak attack after Diablo's exhausted from fighting with the Force Hydra to seize Shera, by force, killing everyone in his way on the pretext that "lowly adventurers can't secure Shera" despite the fact that Shera was only in prince Kiira's custody because the elven prince had used the citizens of Faltra as hostages to make it happen. He doesn't take chances in protecting the city of Faltra. In order to keep the citizens safe, he's more than willing to launch a war of extermination against the elves, even if they've already surrendered, and hold their princess, Shera, hostage. He only made one small mistake, by antagonizing Diablo in the process. He dares Diablo to kill him after Diablo beats him in a duel to protect Shera. Diablo rightfully suspects a trap of some sort.


30 years ago in the year 254 of the Kingdom calendar, he was on the frontlines battling Fallen (Demonic Beings).


Govt and Reps of Faltra
Diablo's group - Shaky terms


Vorpal Sword

Experience gained

Knight Captain Level 80 - 80,000XP

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Image of Chester Ray Galford (NPC)
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