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Summary: Small Elf Kingdom of 2000 elves including women, children and men

Kingdom of Greenwood Elves

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Gender: Vary

Age: Vary

Group: Guild or Nation or Place


Greenwood Elves - Wood Elves in the forest outside Faltra City and near the Demon Forest. Not to far from Starfall Tower.

Leader - Currently Queen Greenwood. Only the Queen and Shera are the last of the Royal bloodline.


Varies 1-30 on the average


Small Elf Kingdom of 2000 elves including women, children and men.
Farmers, Gatherers, Warriors, Crafters, etc.....

Physical Appearance


Personality and interests

Vary, but not trusting to other races.


In the other world, long ago, God imprisoned Cardia and tasked the Elven Royal Family to guard the seal.

100 years ago, around Lyferian Calendar year 64, the Kingdom of Lyferia sent the 《Holy Army》 to attack the Dark Elves, the King of Greenwood at the time tried to resist but failed and reluctantly allowed the army to attack the Dark Elves. This event caused a schism between the Elves and the Dark Elves.

These Elves had a treaty with Faltra long ago when fighting the Demon Lord in the area. However many tragedies occurred along the way and the alliance began to waver as the royal family began dying off.
Recently lost their mentally twisted Prince in an attempt to recover Princess Shera. After being defeated by Diablo the Prince was killed by Gen. Galford, before retreating back to Faltra. Now the damaged elf Kingdom is in bad shape and recovering.


The Elven Royal Family:
King of Greenwood (deceased)
Queen of Greenwood (Currently in charge)
Keercha L. Greenwood: 1st Prince of Greenwood (killed by disease)
Keera L. Greenwood: 2nd Prince of Greenwood (killed by Galford)
Shera L. Greenwood: Princess of Greenwood (off with Diablo)

Faltra Alliance - But on thin ice.


Archery, blades.
Some relics of level 50

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Image of Kingdom of Greenwood Elves
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