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Summary: A gnome interested in exploring, creating new things and improving old things, dislikes fighting.


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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Player






Tinker (Racial skill giving +1 to all crafting skills)

smith level 10
weaponsmith level 10
armorsmith level 10

artificer level 10
Constructs level 10

Enchanter level 10
Master Enchanter level 10

Fletcher level 10

Cooking level 10
Master Chef level 10

Physical Appearance

Short with silver blond hair. Her armor looks like a smiths outfit, but it is more protective than it looks.

Personality and interests

loves working with her hands. Prefered crafting and exploring to fighting and thus joined a guild that would let her travel with them and gather rare materials without her having to fight much.

Most of the guilds defences and constructs were either built or improved by her. She loves improving things to function at the highest capacity.


Lily was a tomboy growing up and loved working with her mechanic father and helping with the fixer upper projects arround the house. Her mother tried to get her interested in anything that would keep her from getting her hands dirty and Lily was thus introduced to video games. She loved any game where she was a merchant or a craftsman and found that Yggdrasil allowed players to develop crafting only characters. She befriended LastProphet and Wayofwisdom early on and helped them gather members to start a guild.


Guild: Seekers of Truth

Friends: Wayofwisdom


Musket and bayonet

Smithing outfit armor

All the tools for all her crafting skills

10,000 gold

Experience gained


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