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Summary: The NPC in charge of the guild seekers of truth. She is kind and wise.


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Gender: female

Age: 7

Group: NPC from Yggdrasil






Gets a racial boost to holy magic, items, and blessings. Has natural flight skill.

Commander level 10
General level 10

Strategist level 10

Aireal combat level 10

Mage level 10
Aeromancy level 10

Archer level 10

Defender level 10
Guardian level 10

Improvised weapons level 10

Physical Appearance

A white angel with white hair and white wings. Her clothing is modest, yet beautiful and she has an aura of purity around her.

Personality and interests

She has a calm and often stoic presentation about her. She has a deep love and care for all the players and NPC’s of the guild seekers of truth. She exhibits a great motherly care to those close to her and will give wise advice when asked or when she seams it necessary to prevent harm or folly. She is commanding, but not forceful. She feels that specializing in only magic or physical attacks is unwise.

She acts like someone who has lived for centuries.


Created by Wayofwisdom, the guild couldn’t agree on what character or creature should represent the heavenly decore of the seventh floor and Wayofwisdom proposed Ladywisdom from Proverbs. She is the NPC in charge of the guilds internal affairs.


Guild:Seekers of truth

She views the guild and it’s members as above all others and seeks the betterment of the guild and by extension the world.


Crown of purity (prevents skills or magic that affect the users stats negatively)

goddess robes

Spiked boots of gravity (increased kick damage if performed in the air)

Gloves of wind (enhance power of wind magic)

amulet of truth (Allows wearer to see through illusions)

Ring of projectile protection

Ring of time preservation

Shield of the Holy Ram

Book of spells

Dragon bone bow

100 angel feather arrows.

Experience gained


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Image of Ladywisdom
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