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Summary: Hero fo hire


Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: New World Native


Cambion(half human half demon)/ magical warrior


Level 50 uses some elemental magic


An warrior for hire, but he only attacks evil people
Demon glare- when he uses this ability, he reflects magic back at the caster. But if the attack is stronger than level 50 he only cast it back as it was a level 50 spell and still takes damage. He can only use this ability once every hour.

Equipment empowerment- he can put in magic in any item he is touching. Making it 2x defense and offense

Demon rage- this magic makes him super powerful, increasing his Attack and Defence 2x, but it only last for 30 minutes, then he faints and and sleeps for a day and a half.What most people don't know is that Demon rage does increase your attack and defense, but at a cost. It can only be activated when the user is angry. It works like the hulk pretty much. So he does transform and stuff, and it drains all of his power.

Physical Appearance

He is around 5'11 he has white hair and red eyes.

Personality and interests

He is very aggressive, he has alot of anger problems. He only fights people he believes that are evil because he fears we would turn evil if he didn't.


Soularous is the offspring of a war demon that raped a holy knight's wife. He was hated by the almost everyone in the village. A couple of level one monsters showed up and attacked. Soularous decided to be the hero and defeated the monsters. The villagers feared him and kick out of the village. So he wonder around, helping people. He soon became very powerful.


None right now


Demon's scythe- a very powerful magical scythe. It has a weaking and vampire effect, it's extremely sharp and indestructible..
Devil's broken crown- a powerful helm that resist all magic.

Experience gained


25000 to level up

This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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Image of Soularous
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