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Summary: The guardian of the third floor of seekers of truth. Serves faithfully and hates evil.


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Gender: Male

Age: 7

Group: NPC from Yggdrasil






Gets a racial boost to holy magic, items, and blessings. Has natural flight skill.

Commander level 10
General level 10

Mage level 10
Wizard level 10
Teramancer level 10
Pyromancer level 10
Electromancer level 10

Priest level 10
Cleric level 10
Holy summoner level 10

Physical Appearance

He is muscular and attractive. He has brown hair and brown eyes and his wings shine like fresh snow. His armor looks like that of a warrior.

Personality and interests

He loves to serve, he is happiest when he is following an order from Ladywisdom or a player from his guild. He hates evil and will intervene if he sees evil done before his eyes. He has a hatred of demons written into his backstory and will seek to kill them if not ordered otherwise. He sees all other angels as under his command unless they are from his guild (then they are over him) and treats them in a loving and caring way like a general would care for their troops.


Created by LordSkywalker46 with the help of his other guild mates.


Guild: Seekers of truth

He serves Ladywisdom and the players of the guild and views the players awe devine like beings between gods and angels.

hates anything demonic


Crown of providence (protects against instant death skills or magic)

Archangel robes

Holy boots of the messenger (speed stat boost)

Gloves of divine judgment.

Yggdrasil root staff.

Amulet of Teramancy

Ring of Pyromancy

Ring of Electromancy

Experience gained


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Image of Michael
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