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Summary: Work in progress


Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: Player


Arch-angel warrior


Level 99 as a blade master sub classes in Holy and Dark magics


《Heavenly Light》Skill that fires powerful beams of light energy that possess both physical weight, and holy burn damage.
《Wings of Rapture》Item: Power of flight. (note: shouldn’t angels have natural flight?)
《Blade Master》Ability to use multiple blades at once.
《Shadow of Death》5 meter bubble of darkness that blocks all sound and light.

(more to be added once I can think of something)

Physical Appearance

5'9" with short white hair dark grey eyes and pale skin. Coming from his back are 6 large angelic wings (3 per side) The top of his armor looks to be inspired by English design where as the bottom seems to be Japanese in origin. The top armor is a deep black with gold trimming, though the armor looks slightly tarnished as though it was hit by a direct fireball.

Personality and interests

Back when it was just a game he would occasionally take the game to serious. He truly role-played his benevolent knight. At one point he even hunted down a group claiming to be Paladins but would only harass players (especially women). He harassed them until they either stopped or quit playing.


A mostly solo player who has had a few run ins with Diablo.


Though he wouldn't consider them a friend he has meet Diablo a few times. Sometimes on good terms sometimes bad, though after he found out they were leveling at the same pace (mostly) but he had the power to summon an army he chose to avoid Diablo.

Ivy (adoptive Daughter)


《Uriel's Blade 》A flaming long sword that deals holy fire damage.
《Gift of Rapture》A ring that grew wings from his back allowing him to fly.
(will add more)

Experience gained


(kill enemies to level up, each enemy exp =enemy level.)

feel free to start with as much experience as you like.

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Image of Maracos
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